Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thursday in the Garden - after the rain

We finally made it out into the garden! Its been too wet claims Mrs H. But the honest truth is that after Darcy made a run for it over the garden wall and got himself lost, only to be discovered by the inscrutable Mr H, cowering in an alley way hours later... she has been a bit jumpy about us going out (she has also got us some weird contraption to wear around our necks, which we hate)
so, it was fab to be able to chew the grass again...
sniff the air ...
... and stalk some birdies. This is us discreetly behind the bush planning our jump up the wall to meet the birdies whisker to beak.
Its always impawtant to tread the boundry...
especially the bit behind the shed ...
.. we like to leave our calling card (below)
 ...or simply just keep hidden in case the birdies fancy sitting on the alababa
Darcy checks on the neighbours in his role as Guard Cat


  1. What a FABULOUS garden you have! Oooh, our human is so jealous. You both had a great time! :-)

  2. What a wonderful garden you have!!

  3. Oh what wonderful pictures of you with your garden - it is beautiful out there! We are only indoor kitties, but we have so much snow that it is just white in our back yard!

  4. You bad kitty cats ... did Mom put a collar with a bell on you

  5. Oh Darcy, it's so scary for the mums when we go over the garden wall. When I came to live here my mom hoped I wouldn't go over our wall, but I got right on it the first time I was outside. You should probably stay in your garden though as a place where you can get lost doesn't sound like fun at all. It is great seeing you two floofsters gardening. Your coats are so luxurious!
    Purrs, Siena Snowfox

  6. Lovely garden and brilliant photos of you kitties. Love the last one of you sitting on the tree.

  7. Uh can't go off getting your cute furry little selves lost! Stay close to home, ok? You look so handsome today!

  8. Hi, this is our first time visiting your blog and we just wanted to introduce ourselves and say hi...You guys have a beautiful garden to play in and the weather looks fantastic there...You boys are very handsome mancats and we look forward to getting to know you both...Happy weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. You have greenness!!! I am so jealous!!

  10. We very much enjoyed your romp in the garden. Keep sharing, as we cannot go outside after we tore a hole in the screen and made an escape. We might have to wear harnesses before we can go out again. In the meantime we will live vicariously through you
    Ninja, Bambi and Spyder


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