Thursday, 4 February 2010

Talking about Nature

Things are going from bad to worse here. SHE has only gone and started ANOTHER blog! We are serious. We think she has some sort of addiction called ‘blogitus’. Apparently, this new one is to do with Nature and is shared with her friend, Denise. Admittedly, we adore Denise, but even still, it’s a bit much after our Mrs H set up that other blog only a few weeks back. WHAT ABOUT OUR BLOG? We have adoring followers to please and satisfy. Not only this, but we are head-over-heels in love with Nature ourselves, anyway! We love flowers, are fascinated by creepy crawlies and get juddering jaw over the furry, feathery creatures. We love Nature this much.


  1. Don't worry she won't forget to help you with your blog - it is just that sometimes us moms need to talk about our own stuff. Or complain about stuff, you know, stuff not about the kitties.

  2. Don't worry boys
    I suggested that you be guest bloggers
    A walk in the back yard
    A purr tee review of the fresh blooms
    That kind of thing ...

  3. My mom and dad started another blog too. It's outrageous! The only good thing right now is they are still keeping up with my blog and being not so good with theirs!!!

  4. Well look at it this way ~ at least she won't be using YOOR blog to do her own stuff on!

    Milo and Alfie xx


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