Monday, 15 February 2010

taking America by storm

Tour Bus up date  - featuring the Birman Boys
It is the day after our 1st Birthday (thank you for all your lovely comments). Being stars, we don't have as much time to write up our blog during the grand tour, but here is the latest. Its all about Darcy at the moment - he is the leading star ! (Purrr hum). As his brother, I am ensuring his terms are met and generally being a bit of a 'bouncer' (Mrs H says I am certainly big and fluffy enough for the job)
 (I chose the dark glasses at duty-free myself!)
Darcy's poster board went up the very same day we arrived. Look at those workmen handling those heights (taken a leaf out of our book, but you can't beat a tree)
Darcy's face is now pretty much everywhere in the States...
... its off to the film studios next...


  1. You two are certainly taking the world by storm...and who could resist you with all that lovely fluffy fur, big eyes and cute faces?! Happy birthday for yesterday, hope you had a purrfect day! Katie, Phoebe and Tinker xxx

  2. We are running super behind - so Happy Belated Birthday to you both! We hope you had a wonderful day!!

  3. We are so impressed! Can we say we knew you when.....


    Purrs, Cory and family


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