Monday, 15 February 2010

a taste of Hollywood

Tour bus up date: The Birman Boys
Well, its been all go here. The big sports have all featured Darcy...
... despite being just the 'brother', I still got out there on the streets 
.. and while I was out feeling the groove, this lovely lady spotted me and created a pavement painting of ME (not Darcy)!
Meanwhile, Darcy is even more famous now than Simon Cowell... he is literally everywhere.. people LOVE him (though most haven't met me yet)
I have to be true to myself, as his closest critic, I DON'T actually like the new film he stars in (Mrs H and I ... well to be honest, we prefer love stories, is that so bad?)


  1. Oh, Bingley, sure we like Darcy but we like you just as much! You are both beautiful kitties!

  2. We think you both are gorgeous, too, and btw, our mom also likes happy-ever-after movies. There's enough sorrow and suffering in the world, she says, she doesn't want to watch it or read it for entertainment.

    And she's having great fun reading about your Hollywood exploits!

    -Purrs and kitty kisses from the Fuzzy Tales cats


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