Saturday, 6 February 2010

one last glance

The snow has gone but, before I finally turn away to face the coming Spring, here are a couple of shots with it in again (yes I know), but I was sorting through some photos and gradually worked my way back to some older ones. These feature Phoebe, the dear dog who lived with us in Bath, when I was little. Look at the snow there! We all went on about the snow this year, but actually, I remember many of the Winters then being deeply snowy. Unreliable as invariably memories can be, I am glad to find my photos bare me out. I never thought about the cold then (or can’t recall it now) and played in it for hours with that childish reverence and credulity that it would have been lovely to have felt this year, when snow fell again (but didn't because I have turned into one of those adults who gets all caught up with the practicalities of the commute).


  1. Isn't it funny how our memories may not be accurate - but these ones clearly are! I remember snow when we lived in the USA, and one or two days of it when we lived in Devon, but I really only encountered it when we moved north as adults. Now here in France I can see as much as I like when we drive to the Pyrenees! They are the first snowy mountains I have ever known. Thanks for your lovely photos and memories.

  2. Hello again dear Phoebe!
    I remember you well from my visits to the young Haven household - you were such a sweet dog.
    And the snow - yes! It used to drift and hang over the road from the hedges, so that it made almost a tunnel of the lane.... it was magical!
    Happy week to you dear,
    D x

  3. Hi Helen,
    well lets hope it has gone.. though we have some snow forecast today... and my toes and nose are very cold, so maybe?!
    thank you for you lovely comments recently... must pop and check out yours and denise's nature blog... sounds wonderful.
    wishing you a lovely day
    ginny x

  4. We need to take some lessons from children & dogs & just enjoy life as it happens!



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