Monday 26 October 2009

Tock stakes

Ok, here goes...this is my personal 'tock' tribute to Chilli over at 'Cat with a Garden'
(living with an English girl has turned me out a bit on the shy side... reserved.. you know what I mean... so my 'tock show' had to be discreet - oh, and you know what they say, if caught baring all hide your face!)

Wednesday 21 October 2009

feather..? WHAT feather...?

"Feather..THE feather? .. just thought you mentioned it might be around in the drawer... somewhere..?  not really bothered...but...was it spotted here..?"

"been scanning the room for the feather ... not spotted it yet.. "

"Right! we now BOTH know where the feather is! But no need to make a BIG thing of it"

"After the fuss YOU have made.. here is the shot of us with the feather! Happy now?"
(we are)

"... I don't know about you.. but I find myself quite liking the feather ...shall we just have a little flutter with it together..?"

"OK... of course I'm not really bothered about that feather, ... but I find I am quite liking it too"
"In fact ... WHAT an understatement!... it's got a life of it's own...I'm LOVING it"

...knackered, and a total slave to the feather...

Tuesday 20 October 2009

...just chilling

.. oh yeah baby...I do chill...

Tuesday 13 October 2009

moment of calm

The Chinese Lanterns are beautiful this year, almost translucent...

today, changing the linen was a challenge with these two lads insisting on warming the sheets before I have finished, with their bottoms!

Bingley is never far from the computer, he really is a furry kind of 'geek'!

Sometimes life is just too tiring and its all one can do to keep upright (just)

Who can beat relaxing 'Darcy' style! ... "don't be deceived, I'll soon be up and ready for another chase the feather game"

Tuesday 6 October 2009

summer end...

Dreaming of a blissful first Summer spent in the garden!

Cordyline scratch poles...

Alababa pots...

schemes hatched by the Rudbekias...

... unescorted explorations beyond the garden walls (If we only get the chance, which we rarely do!)

keeping low - on the look-out for flies

"...was that a 'tweet' I heard?!"

"but I don't want to come in..."

"I'll go right to the end if YOU do!"

One Summer ending...