Thursday 30 June 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ cat dash

This week we wanted to show you some of our horse cat play!

::3 paw taps::



We find our cat dash skills are at their best when Mrs H is trying to get us inside!
More fool her!
PS. The new kit at the bottom of our garden, Ellwood, has been hit by a car and broken his leg. He is going to be OK. Even though we don't like him coming into our garden, we kind of miss him.

Monday 27 June 2011

land and sky

On one of, if not THE hottest day of the year so far, we went on a charity walk - the Red Kite Ramble in the Chilterns (in aid of Deafax working to support deaf children and young people).  It was beautiful even at over 30 degrees!

We did see some Red Kites but I was never quick enough with the camera. We grow used to them because they are always overhead in our garden
checking out the cats (luckily Red Kites are carrion eaters).

through fields....
passed flowers ...
and expanse of country ...

 We saw 'Pyramidal Orchids' and so many butterflies ...

Teasel, a colleague's dog even grew tired!

Great cause, great day.

Note: thanks to Neil Rees who did the walk too and took some of these lovely photos

Thursday 23 June 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ all to play for

If I can't see you... you can't see me, right?!
This is one of my MANY special talents!
Coupled with careful positioning near birdy food stations (why put in effort when they can fly to you)
::3 paw taps::
... this is our cat mint, grown especially for us...
(but between you and us, Mrs H would be gutted to learn this... we are just NOT interested .. the stuff leaves us cold)

We all have high hopes for the plums this year but for different reasons...
we want to bat them about, the Havens want to eat them (how could they?!)

.. oh.. and a little more of those dastardly crab apples...

We have had many big spots of rain fall here, and about time too..
we don't go out in it but we like the smell afterwards
(and Mrs H smiles a lot cos she doesn't have to hose)

What has your weather been like..?

Thursday 16 June 2011

the tail has it

"I gave an order to my cat, and my cat gave it to its tail" - Chinese Proverb

Thursday 9 June 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ apple

::3 paw taps::
Who needs cat nip, birdies, mice.... when the crab apples fall...


...give it here!

... sign me up for the Premier League?

Monday 6 June 2011

new kid on the block

And here he is. Allow me to introduce you to Ellwood, he is a Burmilla. He is one of two, his brother is called Otis but is too shy to come visiting. They live in the house at the bottom of our garden.

This is the first time he visited and Bingley and Darcy were in the garden

he clocked them

but was not to be deterred

Bingley seemed to be OK.
But Darcy was frightened and ran inside even though it is HIS garden.

we couldn't get over his skinny tail

We drew the line at letting him inside!
I wonder how it will all go with him and our boys...

PS. Thanks for the advice about the posting issue I had, I did as suggested and it seems to have fixed it!

Thursday 2 June 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ nesting

::3 paw taps::
 the perils of too much birdie watching

not hatching eggs

PS. just wanted to say that I am having problems leaving comments for some of you, I keep being asked to sign in to blogger but before I can leave my comment I am taken back round to log in again. I am visiting your posts but frustrated not to be able to show you I am. Any ideas to solve this welcomed.
Love Mrs H