Friday 29 October 2010


D and B lording it on top of Aunties cabinet
Cornish trip? Mrs H has written about it over on her Happiness Kindled blog.. (we are miffed not to feature it here)  
... view from Aunties lounge now the conifers are down.

Thursday 28 October 2010

Thursday in the Garden ~ end of season report

For us, Autumn is the new Spring! I help Mrs H to clear up things, Spring-clean! Every pot must be thoroughly checked over, inside and out... 
... birdie baths cleared...
storage scrutinised for mousie type things (maybe) ... 
some potting up and then there is the wormery to care for...
.. a spot of insect eye-balling, we just cannot cater for any more webs! 
filling the greenhouse with tender figs and olives... 

BUT, just WHERE is my brother during all this effort?!
(he said he was checking the apples in the tree - oh yeah!)
flowers from our allotment, the final tribute to the closing season

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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Weary travellers

We are home
Cornwall was fun - plenty to chew...
fresh sights and smells
space to chill
...some innocent lounging...(oh yeah?)
... until some chewing ...just happened...
Digital TV down through a few sharp teeth (it was Darcy AGAIN)
...don't believe that sunning fluffy 'innocent' tum...
Mrs and Mr H made it out and about (time out from the chewing)
We will be visiting you all soon, and cannot wait.
More on the purpose of the Cornish trip later.

Monday 18 October 2010

something in the air

I have got wind of something...
... Mrs H is packing ...

(Tis true... unplanned we - Darcy and Bing included - are travelling to Cornwall to see Aunty - who has had a fall will relish visiting you all and posting again on our return)

empty bowl syndrome

What do you mean, you've fed me?!

Thursday 14 October 2010

Thursday in the Garden ~ what am I?

.. a fluffy birdie, perchance..?
.. tail of squirrel..?
.. hidden badger..?
nah... you know .... tis ME your own Darcy...
... Camouflaged as birdie hunter (not)

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Monday 11 October 2010

house front

It was time to paint the front of the house before the frost sets in. I took direction to use diluted bleach to kill the moss first by way of preparation. Then some reckless painting a bit late in the day when it was growing dark. My anger threatened to govern in the place of thought as the paint blobbed on the path and drive-way and yet not sufficiently on the walls (a sheet should have been put down, I know). It was a blot on my evening. My husband agreeing then realising not to, with his wonderfully clumsy tenderness. And me suddenly pleased and relieved with a certainty that we can finish and put it all right tomorrow. The earlier moments hardly signify.
And it is done. We did it the next day (though it took 3 laborious hours).
I said I would deal with the paint soaked brushes, a job we both hate.
When he disappeared inside I wrapped them in some old cloth and stuffed them in the rubbish bin. Why leave them soaking to eventually (2 years later) find them again as he would saying 'here they are'... But to discuss throwing them away would only lead to a discordant moment so why pose an option that need not be one.
The view from our newly painted terrace

the joy of eyelids

"To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep..."
 .... but we are not sleeping, just looking into our eyelids ...

Thursday 7 October 2010

Thursday in the Garden ~ final harvest

The greenhouse is giving up its produce, the final harvest is upon us...
sweet pepper
(bitten, battered and dragged around the conservatory and left for dead outside the bathroom by Darcy) 
Darcy checking out berries on the cotoneaster... 
Bingley on a spider hunt
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Tuesday 5 October 2010

Saturday 2 October 2010

LIVE STRONG ... and not just for one day

We are supporting LIVE STRONG today as heralded by Milo and Alfi ...
We are thinking of everyone who is fighting cancer and willing them on to beat it... we know they can do it with the support, on mass, of most of the kitties in the world!
Love Bingley and Darcy... going yellow for the day
(yep, even though we are tough man cats we can still do yellow)