Thursday 26 November 2009

Thursday in the garden

For our Thursday in the garden slot, this is a flash back cos we haven't gotten out much this week on account of the rain and wind and dark.
Mrs H took us to visit her parents last September. Apparently, we were very good in the car (we purred when we overheard her saying all sorts of lovely things about us while we pretended to kip on the back seat - nice)
Below is Mr H Senior - we adored playing with him, and even more so when he rummaged in his garage (very full of stuff in there - we went crazy when we got in, but Mrs H eventually stormed in and dragged us out - reckon she resented missing out on the fun we had pulling down the step ladder with all the paint tins stacked on it...!)

... and below is Mrs H senior, so easily won over by a little roll, stretch and scratch from a firm tom boy form (her daughter is just the same)

To be honest, it took us by surprise to be allowed to be out and about when we visited the 'Seniors'. The badger track was certainly our favourite spot and we rushed at it and rubbed and rolled (but Mrs H was ever our shadow - honestly! as IF we would push through the hedge to woodland beyond....! YEP!) purrrrrrr

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Feline Interrogation

MMmm...   RELAX.  LOOK INTO MY EYES. And now tell me all your problems.....
(then pay up at the door - shrimp will suffice)

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Thursday in the garden

We don't get to go out all that much at the moment, Mrs H says it is all down to the darker evenings and the effect this has on her 'supervision schedule' ~ eh?

She gets home from work and it is already dark, and then of course there is this thing of her not being able to see too well in the dark, even with spectacles!

Poor thing, it must be just awful to be half blind. We yowl loudly when we spot something outside to help her, she pretends to look but we know its just for show because she is all squinty.

Then there is the rain, rain, and rain.... and more rain. But we still thought we might quite like being in, under, on and amongst all those droplets....!!!
...if only we had some kitty wellies!

Bingley loving the watery pipe EVEN MORE than the dripping tap in the bathroom!

Darcy chewing the cud
(excuse this little fact ~ the longest single grass to pass right through Darcy in its entirety has been 4.5 inches... might this be a record?! ~ it's OK Darcy, we are amongst friends...)

Savouring the scented air..

... MUST we go in..?

Thursday 12 November 2009

Mrs H left this bag on the floor. Then Darcy vanished and a furry snake pitched up! Then the bag moved all on its very own...!!

Sunday 8 November 2009

... a step back in time

No word from us this last week because we have been in Cornwall visiting Aunty. Here she is. I first want to introduce her to you as she was when she was young (and well).

Born in Wales she came to live with my Father and our family in Bath when in her early teens. They grew up together, and many, many years later I eventually met her and shared a lovely closeness. She met and married George and there ensued a blissfully happy and long marriage, most of which was spent in Cornwall.

The kittens and I loved looking through her photo albums, selecting special shots to scan to create a memory book for her.

They both loved the great outdoors... simple pleasures always the best!

The shot above shot sums up Aunty - sunshine, picnics, glasses of wine and an adoring dog.

... and Uncle George, who despite breaking his back in his early 30's, went on to make an almost full recovery and lived until 94. Here he is chilling out in the orchard on one very scorching August day.

They both loved dogs, especially Golden Retrievers. Here is Honey.

She won numerous awards!

Visiting Cornwall was sheer delight and they both spoilt me.

They moved to a bungalow when Uncle George fell off a ladder and did in his back (be warned when cutting high hedges on wobbly ladders alone!).

...  surrounded by fields, a beautiful setting. My hubby is doing a grand job in cutting back the hedges and bushes for Aunty to reclaim the view!

... If only I could successfully grow Nerines... they just don't thrive for me.. but look at Aunty's below...

Bingley (joy riding)
In the garage is a super little car, with barely any mileage, yet so old I couldn't even look
it up on the Internet because its year just wasn't there! A perfect 'run around' for a new driver or someone making local trips (if I can only find that person).

Darcy undercover in the garage...

Aunty and me... time stops for no man (or woman)

Darcy & Bingley
... and its farewell from us .. sleeping to be done (but not for long) ...