Wednesday 23 September 2020

 Nature provided in abundance

Victoria Plum

Hydrangea Annabel first year of flowering and she gave her all!

walked Bruce (actually he walked me)

Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley donated their fur to birdy nests
 (the Tits took it and their babies were extra cosy)

Mrs Stag Beetle appeared in the garden and then I found Mr Stag Beetle (large antlers - on the right) in the road outside so I brought him home to meet her 

had a go at drying some of the Peony petals

The heat of the Summer was much loved by Fred
his umbrella shielding him from some of the sun

... and like much of the Nation it seems, I learned to bake!

.. and now Summer has done her thing and the logs have been safely stacked...
Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to just let things go..


.. and suddenly there was all this time to sow seeds

 and sow I did... in every receptacle I could find with loo rolls by far the most effective because they have depth and I could sink them into the ground in their entirety

Mr Darcy (seed whisperer)

a mega chilli (tiny bit scared of this one)

Tumbling Tom

oh, and a lesson in the hazard of turning your back on courgettes..


clapping for key workers, ever thankful

a mask sewn and gifted by a friend

Ending each day with a grateful heart