Monday 26 August 2013

So we are home once again. Allow me to tell you more ...

Mr Bingley in his favourite chair

Story teller at heart


It began with me playing dead (writhing tummy up in a terrible, slow death) when I discovered Mrs H packing her travelling bags!
I had no choice. 
She CANNOT go.

When my attempt at being dead failed to achieve the desired response I undertook 'Plan B' and simply encamped.

View from the sitting room

What I didn't know then was that my brother and I were being packed too!
Not home alone afterall but off to Cornwall!

Some of our dear readers will know that Aunty B died (previous post) and so there was much to do in Cornwall to sort her home and we stayed there. 
It was sad and yet comforting too because she had been so ill near the end. 
A release for her.
Time to reflect for us.

... the wild flowers were magnificent and so many bees and butterflies in her garden.


I checked out every corner of the garden, swishing my fluffy tail all about as I went!

This is 'Small Cat' (yes his actual name) and he lives in the lane. 
He always comes over to see us ...

.. for such a 'small' cat he has BIG claws
(but we still like him and sniff noses and sit together - a discreet distance, not looking each other)

The black cat theme continues ... this one Mrs H met in Fowey in the Old Grammar School garden. 
He seemed to have bonded with the young seagull. They went around together.

Downderry Beach

We love these rainbow coloured pebbles!

We spent a lot of time in holiday mode and pose to show Mrs H how it is to be done 
(she isn't very good at it!)

Darcy and Bingley

... well someone needs to keep the guest room warm!
This we saw as our chief role.

We hope you have all had good times, wherever you are and whatever you have been up to.

We can't wait to visit you...