Tuesday 11 June 2013

Spring in the garden

Hello dear blogging friends.
We are back and blogging again after a gap. Time flies by and we can't believe its been so long since we posted.
We can't wait to visit you all.

A rare moment reading a magazine and soaking up some sunshine with Mr Bingley.

 petals (like snow) in May

On Sunday, there was an Open Gardens charity event in Binfield Heath.
7 gardens were on show. 
My favourite featured a canopy of Wisteria and a Golden Shower Tree (Cassia fistula).
It was devine. 

The Alliums are up and almost fully open.
Such bonny flowers.

Lord and Lady Nuffield and their home.

The National Trust have just taken over Nuffield Place, the home of 
William Morris (1877-1963), a car manufacturer (Morris Minors) and Philanthropist.

These are his tools, housed in a walk-in cupboard in his bedroom (yes!).

I love his travel set.

Lord Nuffield gave away so much money during his lifetime. 
The equivalent of £600 million.
His wife often used the bus.
No airs or graces and their beautiful, modest home reflects this.
The garden is being restored according to the plans laid out in the 1930s.

Worth a visit.