Tuesday 18 February 2020

Valentines 11 years on ...

We all woke on Valentines Day marveling at the thought that 11 years have passed since Bingley and Darcy joined the Haven household (and ruled it ever since).
How does time do this?
just flash by...

 I've decided I'm going to do a regular 'charity treasure' slot 
featuring some of my more special finds to share the love.

So here is a truly luxurious find - baby alpaca wool cardigan

Artist crayons (£2.60). I only know these are expensive new (£43 on Amazon)
due to my lovely friend Kate who is a talented artist so this is a gift destined for her.
I will showcase her work if and when she uses these!

 finally a 'find' of an entirely different sort.. I just have to show you Pepper. 
I met her in a cafe in Marlborough.
She is a rescue.
The Manager told me she is in charge of all customer attention provision.
She is made for the role!

Sunday 9 February 2020

delighting in discovery

I rarely ever buy things new preferring charity shop finds.
I love the delight of surprise discoveries.
Here are two recent finds.

The skirt is silk. I love the colours and the way it swings when I walk.

This blanket is huge and that iconic pink/blue stripe so jolly.

Woke to frost on a recent visit to my Mum and Dad in Bath.
I especially loved watching the shifting atmospheric mists as dawn flooded the valley.