Thursday 14 June 2012

Vandal by any other name

I was lounging around the garden, feeling a tad bored.

Mr Bingley

Then it occurred to me.
Why sit around waiting?
I should go forth ...
.. to where THEY are... (birdies)

So I did.
First I climbed the tree ...

... sitting still by the birdie treats 
(no birdie could see me, I felt sure!)

.. then I clambered up to the very tree top where the birdies swoop in ...
(but eventually I found myself yawning again)
I came down ...

.. and then the bombshell hit!
I should go forth to the birdie meal station direct!

Even though Mrs H came outside at the exact moment I had this bombshell,
I just went right ahead!

Once I had the meal station on the ground (albeit a bit broken), I was most disappointed to discover 

However, on the positive, I wasn't bored anymore because Mrs H was with me while she went about mending the bird table.
It was a good 45 minutes of entertainment because she never has the right screws.

Sunday 10 June 2012


Katie Isabella won an award called 'illuminate' and now she has asked me, her friend Mr Darcy, to participate too by illuminating something about me!


One of the special things about me is my voice.
I have a lot to say and do.
I can hold an ever rising note for at least 20 seconds.
Sometimes I just walk around yowling and sometimes I prefer to hold eye contact and do it.
If I am coming to find Mrs H, then I shout out that I am coming from the very moment I set off, until I locate her. This is especially enjoyable if I know she is making an impawtant telephone call and the person she is speaking to thinks she is at work!