Thursday 30 September 2010

Thursday in the garden ~ tourist

We went to Bath over the weekend to visit Mr and Mrs H Senior. It was beautiful weather - sunny and crisp. It was decided at committee level that Bingley and I should be allowed to go into the garden. Bing didn't want to (he was a bit scared). I went forth alone.
... well not quite alone because Mrs H was on my tail..
I was determined to lose her...
.. no one catches a determined Mr Darcy. I made a run for it and squeezed through the beech hedge and then through the wire...
I was FREE. I ran and ran. I had timed this well because Mrs H Senior had just come into the garden with a tray of coffee and I anticipated that Mrs H would drink that first before coming after me. I was wrong. She got a step ladder and looked over all the hedges for me (I hid behind a conifer). There was considerable shouting and a commotion which I found easy to ignore on account of all the birdies and different smells. I don't know how long it actually took (but it wasn't long enough), I suddenly spotted Mrs H coming at me (I don't know how she got through the hedges because she is A LOT bigger than me). I didn't like the look on her face. I decided to cut my losses and allow her to pick me up. She stomped off with me back up the lane to the house.
I retreated to sit under the grandfather clock and Mrs H drank cold coffee.
Thursday in the garden this week was not as I had dreamed (and I think Mrs H feels the same).

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Monday 27 September 2010

top and tailing

let it rain because we just don't care

Thursday 23 September 2010

Today is special because...

...of the very first flower on my cactus (I have waited a long time)...

Thursday in the Garden ~ beware

It is always a wise thing ...
... to be ever ready to ward-off predators ...
but now that September has arrived there are other predators in the garden - not just us - 
(those Mrs H is both fascinated and unnerved by)
I monitored while she squeezed by webs and spiders with her ladder. She put up a birdie house (sweet of her to plan ahead for Spring - for US and not the birdies - but don't let her know we said that).
Apparently she has reason to believe that birdies appreciate such places to roost during the Winter months (and WE certainly can't wait to see).
I'm bored by birdie boxes - where are my apple footie balls..?
Last week Darcy said his farewell to Summer, yet this week while we were outside there was a wealth of colourful flowers so we asked Mrs H to capture the September blooms in our garden with her little camera and share them with you all...
...not quite farewell to Summer yet!
Remember to visit Jonesie and find out what has been happening over her place and in all the other kitties gardens this week (just scroll down on Jonesie’s blog and follow the links).

Monday 20 September 2010

down the town

... remember those times when you went into town with another puss, shopped for wacky furry stuff (and wore it), ate dodgy feathered grub (that your Mum would frown at), generally hung about (checking out the talent), before eventually popping into the photo boothe to pull silly faces!!? Yeah. We just did it!

Thursday 16 September 2010

Thursday in the Garden ~ things we do best

We are making the most of being outside because it suddenly feels a lot cooler and the seasons are on the change. Mrs H never lies on the grass now so we have to jump her as she walks to the wormery instead. She does this every morning. We have our own routine too.
First we sit on the wall in order to snoop on next door (only we know why)
Then we chew grass
Mrs H sometimes assists us in this even though she is the one who has to clear up when we gag in the study
Any old water we find we drink, even though Mrs H puts down fresh we consider this a waste of time
The garden is full of scratch poles
but our preference is to scratch the newly painted areas making as much noise as possible (we find both of us doing this task at the same time draws the best response from Mrs H)
Darcy in poignant mood
Farewell Summer

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Cows, tractors and camels

I admit I have formed a habit for cattle
The Henley Agriculture Show was this last weekend. Mr H and I stood surveying the Show ground feeling warm and drowsy in the sunshine, knowing it was perhaps one of the last remaining days before the Autumn onslaught. I shifted my attention in order to savour it. Unencumbered.
CHAMPION: Of course it is subject to conjecture but I for one hold up a "10"
If ever by look or by gesture, a proud genial man...
Oxfordshire countryside ... well its all here!
perhaps someone should tell her...?
Mediocrity is just too unbearable even when you are a hen - nothing mediocre about this one (size matters)
I love Fergusan tractors... supposing for a minute that one could be mine...
... Indeed here I am on a Fergie on the my sister-in-laws farm in Devon

beyond the call of duty

Mrs H loves us this much!

Monday 13 September 2010

I have worms

Darcy (official wormery guard)
Worms. Yes, this family loves them. They munch quietly in their special box all that is popped within. They are supreme in their greenness - but tiger coloured (tiger in name too). The liquid plant feed they generate is heaven for plants and goes such a long way diluted and stored for months.
I love visiting them each morning.
We bought our wormery from: who were excellent all round, but there are plenty of sites selling a range of models and a wealth of information out there.
If you cannot fit in a compost heap (both is best of course) then a wormery is for you! Personally, we rather prefer interacting with tiger worms.

license evasion


Thursday 2 September 2010

Thursday in the Garden ~ fuchsia hidejack

Darcy deploying his sudden LOUD shock tactic on innocent camera woman

Wednesday 1 September 2010

moments of distraction

Sometimes I see a house that could be a home, a different and splendid home that leaves me agog with curiosity. A home that makes the mediocrity of living in a 'standard' house almost unbearable..
...the damp mossy smell to a garden soaked by early morning rain
...with the wild weather and views, a home that would be exhilarating
...not the ending but a beginning to that unreal dream
and this little one with its sweet private walled garden... afford me the delicious last moments of distraction. The vanity and joy of hope which forces me to suspend breath in delight.