Tuesday 20 July 2010

are we there yet...?

Holiday bag... cat in it...
wonder why?
Yep, she is going away!
Bing assisting with ... um ... tummy warmth airing?
... it began with her excessive laundry airing
My brother picketing her shoes (she can't go away bare foot surely?!)
I helped her choose some tops during the packing session...
... but after one minute began my own special picket...
Bing in his favourite bed
Then we were told the news! WE ARE COMING TOO!
Darcy NOT up for play
Such promise of dedicated fun and play on holiday ...well it better be good is all I can say... (gotta get in a car for 4 hours afterall)

Note from Mrs H: Farewell dear friends we are all off to Cornwall for our holidays (staying at my Aunt's and she isn't on the internet)... so we won't be around to visit you for a while, or post either. But we look forward very much to doing that when we come home. Mr and Mrs H senior will be staying in our home for a holiday all of their own and blogging on our behalf is not yet within their scope (but one day!)

Summer escape

We are heading off to Cornwall and so won't be posting for a while.
Our home will become a holiday home for my parents while we are away - a home from home.
... as we wish you a temporary farewell, we take leave with a bit of colour with some shots from our garden in Summertime and wish you all a most joyful holiday season too...
I look forward to catching up with all your amazing blogs when I get home
Love Helen xx

Sunday 18 July 2010

roll up, roll up

We have just had the Regatta and this window display I thought so beautiful.
It is a woollen shop.

Hip Hip Hooray

Bingley and me have been celebrating Mrs H's Birthday (how old? - not telling!)
We both looked at her cards (they were especially brilliant fluttering down onto the floor with a swish of a tail)

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Hampton Flower Show Gardens shine

It is addictive.... visiting Hampton Court Flower Show - so truly named as 'the peoples' show!
Hampton Court Palace gardens, even before you reach the show itself are full of stunning colour-packed borders
Mr H and I got up extra early and made it with an hour to spare (unlike last year), so time for a drink in the Palace Garden Cafe
... guarding dear fresh muffin from 'Blackie'
.. and then onto the gardens...
... Gonna try to make one of these with one of my vintage plates  
... We want one of these canopies to sit under!
... it was scorching so we dangled tootsies in the lake - great feeling!

Sunday 11 July 2010

All for one and one for all

"All for one and one for all
My brother and my friend
What fun we have
The time we share
Brothers 'til the end"
7 months
oopsie.. Mrs H included this final one to illustrate that even brotherly love has its limits!

Thursday 8 July 2010

Today is Special ~ cutting joy

This beautiful indoor geranium travelled as a cutting through the post from Cornwall to Henley-on-Thames wrapped in card.
This week, only 4 weeks later it chose to flower!
Thank you Malcolm and Kate for this gorgeous little plant.
Darcy checking out the fragrance

duck egg blue

I discovered this beautiful, fragile little blue egg, broken in the garden.
I wonder what happened and who had been growing inside?

Thursday in the Garden ~ Footy World Cup? Who needs it!

World Cup: can't beat them..?. then join them! 
Actually, apple footy is something of MY speciality...
I recommend you stock pile ...
... and only then make your selection
take great care over this - texture first...
then weight ...
 and firmness ...
Bring it on
SCORE! (more than can be said for some!)
Darcy deploying other skills
Hate football! what IS the point?!

Monster tomato up date:
  • Further to some comment in our last garden post, we are unable to confirm which tomatoes Mrs H is wrestling growing (they were a label-less gift, and perhaps due to the size of them some kind of joke!).
  • Yes, they are being grown inside but in the conservatory (because the greenhouse just isn't big enough!).
  • Currently they stand at 12 feet and are still growing (despite Mrs H attempting a lop). It's a wilderness in here!