Wednesday 28 April 2010

Thursday in the garden - a bloody story

Hum. yep, here I am. Stuck in doors. Been grounded.
But apparently it is not just about MY feelings.
Darcy brooding over what could have been

It began like this...
... once outside, after shifting my attention and with a quickening heart, I spotted it!
Mrs H was still swapping over her shoes...
So I took my chance, I LEAPT, HURTLED, POUNCED..!

innocent Hedge Sparrow (and with newly fledged family)

One baby birdie got away (just), but not the second one
where the dreadful deed took place

I had the little thing pinned.. but then Mrs H suddenly swept me high into the air. I went rigid then wriggled like a frenzied wild thing, but she (rather unceremoniously, I feel) dumped me inside. I watched from the window, MEOWING LOUDLY. Mr H suddenly came running and after shoving me aside joined her outside. They then went on to pounce on the birdie themselves! I even saw Mrs H holding it in her hand and them both crouching over it. I was dismayed to see her looking so upset; like she was a kind of visible witness to what is dreadful in life.

I could still see it fluttering and I yowled LOUDLY. I know my yowls were getting through because they glanced back at me a lot. Eventually, they went off somewhere taking the birdie. Both stayed out quite some time, but I wasn’t allowed out again.

Finally, when they returned, I tremored with what turned out to be false hope. Indeed, I felt the way they stared at me was rather harsh. Despondent I headed for the stairs, I heard them say that the baby birdie might have a chance, now that it had its mother with it and that the injury was not too bad.

I’ll try again tomorrow, even if grounded I can stalk in my dreams...

Friday 23 April 2010

the bliss of a chrochet bed

We all love a parcel, don't we!
This one came from Germany and arrived for US!

It smelt fantastic!

There wasn't just one thing inside, but LOTS...(more to follow about those another time)

But the very best bit, the star of the show was THIS...!
We first spotted a rather amazing bed like this in their fun in the garden post, and to see it was to love it! We wanted one very much indeed. AND THEN, Britta only went and made us one! YES, handmade one just for us!

Thank you to Britta, Siena and Chilli over at Cat with a garden

Darcy invesitgating

Bing bagging it

Darcy early morning

Thank you for our marvelous chrochet bed!

Thursday 22 April 2010

Thursday in the Garden - the art of concealment

"All things come to him who goes after them"
Apparently this is true of 'birding'...
(so says Darcy - only he has caught nothing - he he).
Personally, my favoured way is a blend of patience and concealment...
I always check the birdie bath as my very first activity, because should a birdie be bathing... I'll have more time to lie in the sunshine later!

While I appreciate that some of you might be wondering why I am looking for a birdie in here, it is good practice to check every corner (and once I found a bumble bee - which I wasn't permitted to keep)

... flattening oneself on a step can work if one concentrates and doesn't flicker the whiskers (unfortunately, the extra fluffy nature of my ears makes this approach a 'no no' for me)

... therefore, I quite often seek out things to hide IN! (try not to be seen doing this)

When concealed in shrubs, ensure entire fluffy form is out of sight. This is where those skinny tailed pusskins score (but then again, they don't get to eat the ants collected in their tail, later!)

I choose shrubs which are light coloured, like ME!

... except when I am distracted by a bee, forget and hide behind the lavender...

My superior spot has to be under the holly, where the bird table is nearest. I have been known to sit here for my entire 'outside time' allowance!

.... and ....where concealment fails, try chewing a feather indoors, it can prove surprisingly satisfying.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Today is special - bunting

You just can't beat bunting for 'cheer' value. Thank you to Denise for making this colourful strip for me. It is beautiful in every way, each stitch a tiny, perfectly formed link between us. The entire household love it (and it is high enough to be cat free).
Bingley sends you a thank you kiss (in his own special way - note his crossed front paws).

the black hole of Cornwall

Have any of you ever been to the 'black hole of Cornwall'?
We find ourselves in it a fair bit.
Being in this hole means you are unable to blog! Yes! Those dear furry friends of ours out there will probably have noticed our absence. Indeed, we have noticed our OWN absence! 
Each morning I sit here by the computer but it never opens and I suppose it is because, like us, it is in the dastardly 'black hole of Cornwall'!
Bing in hopeful blogging mood

Despite the hole, we do quite like Cornwall.
We monitor what goes in and out of cupboards ...
cupboard love

Darcy gets into gear in the garage ...

We take our surveying duties seriously and like to watch for flies from upon high ... 

Unlike at home, there is a digital TV here. We find this especially rewarding when undertaking a spot of cable chewing (Darcy); the reaction from Mrs H when the TV no longer works is quite something to see!
Left: two bits of red tape covering tears.            Right: transformer repairing fraying

We have both become rather fond of a hat Mrs H found for us, it was lost and all alone in Mount Edgcumbe Country Park
.. though I have found that Darcy just isn't good at sharing ...
 ...he dragged it away to hide it from me in the cupboard (he can be so self-centred) ...

Each morning we keep watch for imposters!
Guard Darcy

Mr and Mrs H were outside a great deal (apparently clearing the boundaries??)
We wish we could have gone outside too.

The primroses were breathtaking ...

But NOT the imposter cat below who has clearly been rolling in the soot from the bonfire!

When not entertaining us, we had understood that Mr and Mrs H spent their entire Cornish stay either visiting Aunty B in her Care Home or slaving out in her garden (this is what we were told). HOWEVER, the photo below depicting the silliness of Mrs H, illustrates that they do not always tell the full truth. Shocking!
Armed at Trerice House