Sunday 17 April 2011

painting techniques

There is a wonderful little shop  - Country Mouse, not far from me which supplies beautiful painted furniture, vintage items for the home and it is where I buy my Annie Sloan chalk paint!
I attended a furniture painting workshop there yesterday and learnt such a lot!
I picked up the shelf from a junk shop and the little drawers are part of a table top chest my friend Kate found at a Sue Ryder Sale. 
... and the paint? Who else but Annie Sloan, of course!
Amongst so many opened pots of colour, I was in heaven. 
... there were 5 lovely people painting and it was super getting to know them over the paint brushes. 
I loved this contraption - a paint brush drier - you fasten in the wet clean brush and then spin the handle and the brush whirls round and dries (like lettuce leaf spinners) ... 
distressed Old Violet

Provence with black wax in the grain.
I have pots of paint which I bought including Scalet Empress and big plans to paint, paint and paint!

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Bonjour - Ca va?

We have been visiting friends in S.W France.
Darcy and Bingley stayed at home and we missed them, especially when we met other cats.
We missed visiting you all too.
'Bernadou' and some of it's occupants ...

Mr Haven walking out with Misty and Casi
She has a brother called 'Ino' their names derive from the supermarket 'Cas-ino' in France. They were dumped in the car park when they were kittens, but found by our friends and given their forever home at Bernadou.


cuddles with Casi

This is a close up of Casi's tail - it is not short from injury, she is believed to have been born like it and still wiggles it effectively!

The weather was beautiful and we had a most happy time.

Monday 4 April 2011

mystery of the alibaba

We both appreciate fine pots ...

they have so much to offer ...

this is Bingley with his wayward fluff ...

he loves discovering his fluff ...

and goes to great lengths to find it ...

and this provides me with hijacking opportunities

I know he is in there!

yep, he just can't hide that fluffy tail

its like a serpent

I am going in too!