Wednesday 16 February 2022

when time plays tricks

 How is it that the days turn into weeks and the weeks suddenly into years without me taking stock here on this blog?! There was a time when I wrote on it nearly every day. What is it with life, the way it turns you away from some things and leads you down other paths ...

So, if any of my old blogging friends are still around and interested, HELLO... and apologies for my absence. We send you all our best wishes, trusting that you are well


Herewith a little update, which is exactly that - 'little'  because actually so much has happened which will go unsaid, but the main thing is that all is well

I am now staying over in Bath for a portion of each week to spend time with my parents. Dad has entered his 100th year (!) and Mum is not all that far behind. Shared time is the order of the day.

Bell ringing has finally resumed after a national lock down. I am surprised and delighted to discover that I can still remember how to ring (just)

I have had time to learn a new and creative skill. I made a teapot (which really pours)

The Royal Henley Regatta returned to the waters after a one-year hiatus AND women were finally allowed to WEAR TROUSERS so I did!



Mr Bingley, Mr Darcy and Fred all spoilt rotten so no change there!

'Constance Spry'

The garden continues to deliver no matter what else happens in the world, the pandemic just passes it by. A blessing.

Spot the bee crash landing in a joyous 'whoop, whoop' way!

BEE HAPPY whenever and however you can.

Love from us all

Wednesday 23 September 2020

 Nature provided in abundance

Victoria Plum

Hydrangea Annabel first year of flowering and she gave her all!

walked Bruce (actually he walked me)

Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley donated their fur to birdy nests
 (the Tits took it and their babies were extra cosy)

Mrs Stag Beetle appeared in the garden and then I found Mr Stag Beetle (large antlers - on the right) in the road outside so I brought him home to meet her 

had a go at drying some of the Peony petals

The heat of the Summer was much loved by Fred
his umbrella shielding him from some of the sun

... and like much of the Nation it seems, I learned to bake!

.. and now Summer has done her thing and the logs have been safely stacked...
Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to just let things go..


.. and suddenly there was all this time to sow seeds

 and sow I did... in every receptacle I could find with loo rolls by far the most effective because they have depth and I could sink them into the ground in their entirety

Mr Darcy (seed whisperer)

a mega chilli (tiny bit scared of this one)

Tumbling Tom

oh, and a lesson in the hazard of turning your back on courgettes..


clapping for key workers, ever thankful

a mask sewn and gifted by a friend

Ending each day with a grateful heart

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Tortoise Fred emerges. It is this time for him. 
From what is to us something of a miracle - hibernation

5 months absence and then here he is again!

The felines consult and ultimately agree that no one deserves hydration therapy more than Fred.
- warm spa bath and hot towels - the lot!

..then forth into his Kingdom - the garden of bounty 

munching on the many natural delights..
striding across every inch of the walled garden reclaiming it for his own

While all is well with us here at Haven.
Things are far from well beyond. 
The world at large is in deep trouble.

... where you can, stay home. Rest. Exercise. Listen. Read books. Make art. Play games.
and learn new ways of being still  
Love to you
Keep Safe

Monday 2 March 2020

Re-love the Pre-loved

For me charity shopping isn’t just the delight in discovering a ‘bargain’ but finding items that will stand the test of time.

Items I can wear repeatedly. Items that are quality and deserve to be worn over and over. 

It has taught me the ability to see the worth and beauty in the used. 

I am trying to be mindful of being selective about the items I bring home. 

Channeling Marie Kondo and her approach to having around only those things that ‘spark joy’. 

So I am buying classic pieces that I know I will get plenty of use from and I have begun curating my finds into outfits that truly do my shape and colouring justice and the other things I have in my wardrobe or home.

I hope you will appreciate some of my finds.

Jigsaw top £2 | Watters & Watters skirt £1
Liberty handbag £5 | Spanish made boots £6 | M&S necklace £1 

Oasis skirt £3 | Boden coat £7 | Spanish made boots £9 | necklace 50p

Naturally, Mr Bingley continues to assist me in all my decisions and is responsible
for quality control (self appointed)

... when he isn't recharging his batteries!

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Valentines 11 years on ...

We all woke on Valentines Day marveling at the thought that 11 years have passed since Bingley and Darcy joined the Haven household (and ruled it ever since).
How does time do this?
just flash by...

 I've decided I'm going to do a regular 'charity treasure' slot 
featuring some of my more special finds to share the love.

So here is a truly luxurious find - baby alpaca wool cardigan

Artist crayons (£2.60). I only know these are expensive new (£43 on Amazon)
due to my lovely friend Kate who is a talented artist so this is a gift destined for her.
I will showcase her work if and when she uses these!

 finally a 'find' of an entirely different sort.. I just have to show you Pepper. 
I met her in a cafe in Marlborough.
She is a rescue.
The Manager told me she is in charge of all customer attention provision.
She is made for the role!