Tuesday 16 June 2015

Summertime at Haven

A little life spent. While I was watering the tomatoes last night I spotted this Stag beetle at the bottom of one of my plant pots. Dead:(

I felt the loss because they are endangered and also remarkable creatures.
They pupate for 5 whole years underground before they emerge briefly to mate and then they die.

Did this lad even have time to smell the roses?.. let alone get the chance to signal to a female and 'get it together', before he met his untimely end in my pot?! I so hope so.

I was shocked when I saw that I haven't posted anything since January! 
Life has robbed me of time and then not posting becomes a habit.
I'm breaking that habit and will be visiting you again soon.
I miss my blogging friends.

The garden has flourished this year and is a riot of colour.

Tortoise Fred is in there somewhere....
... Oh, here he is!

... and here are Mr Darcy and My Bingley..
Tails of greeting.