Tuesday 31 August 2010


Bingley 'box sitting'
Mr H bought a lawn mower while in Cornwall because he said that the garden was beginning to resemble a wild field.
We got to keep the box!
Aptly named

Thursday 26 August 2010

Thursday NOT in the garden

Full of 'Thursday in the garden' aspirations.. down we came to ... RAIN
yep. its a flood out there.... so - will we, won't we?
Darcy in front of the still Monster ever growing tomatoes
10 MINS LATER: considerable damping down required
 Monster tomato plants now aggressively taking on conservatory blinds
Bingley now rain-dry (took a lot out of him, that did), blobbing out in his own special way...
It is lovely to be back dear gardening friends

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Not all it seems

I visited St Austell for the first time recently, having skirted around it for years. Apart from super shops and 9 charity shops (I was in heaven), I was astonished and delighted by this beautiful wall mural.
It looked so real I very nearly went in and ordered a coffee!
It was commissioned by Cornwall Council from Parcsigns

cross-over fantasy

... When Mrs H met these D-O-G-S she had momentary flash of what WE could have been!

Friday 20 August 2010

bad backs and clotted cream

Our holiday was a both work and play. Working on my Aunt's garden, play the exploration of beautiful Cornwall and enjoying friends.
It was the perfect time for Hydrangeas. I can never keep mine in Oxfordshire, blue.
All the conifers came down. Debris was burnt and a sudden change in the wind nearly took the fire into the corn fields. Hearts pounded.

views opened up
new places to sit
to be honest we had inadequate tools. Amateurs you see. But an extra bit of elbow grease went a long way. I have to hand it to my husband for his major efforts!
foraging from the wild
visits to Aunty in her Care Home. Dementia still her constant shadow. But photos and talk of the past lightened her and of course there is always lunch.
days out sightseeing and celebrating Birthdays.
More of what we saw to follow......

Black Vs White

Mrs H took these with a flip video camera and then made some stills from it for our post so the pictures are grainy - sorry on her behalf. We all wanted you to see them despite this because they are an IMPAWTANT milestone in our lives. This is an imposter cat covered in soot. We were walking pass our favourite window in Cornwall and SAW him. He just SAT there looking at us. We looked to Mrs H for advice.
... but she was just too busy getting her camera out - typical!
Darcy tried to paw Sooty but he refused to move
Undaunted he stared right back at us... the bare black faced CHEEK
... even with TWO of us he just stayed there and even took time out to groom!
It was perplexing.
When he eventually sneaked off, we looked for him every time we went pass our window but he never sat on the sill again. We have only ever seen one other cat, a ginger one.
We thought WE were the only two cats in the Universe!

Thursday 19 August 2010

Cornish return

We are home... with so much to share, but most important of all we have been looking forward to visiting YOU again.
We missed you.
Bingley (with plenty of finger paw licking good tales to share)