Monday 26 September 2011

the art of tolerance

Otis, Ellwood and Mr Bingley

Toleration is my favourite word at the moment.
I deploy it each time these two neighbouring boys come visiting (which is daily).
They follow me around, thinking they are stalking (but they have much to learn)
They steal my sticks.
Drink my water.
Sit on my wormery.
AND... pooh in my shrubbery!

I do my hard stare but mainly I ignore them (passive aggressive is my preferred style)
This is becoming white cat city.

Sunday 25 September 2011

Friday 23 September 2011

Holly fetish

So WHAT is attractive about the sharp leaves of a Holly that Darcy should SO love to chew them?
Each and every day.
And Bingley? Does he care? Nope, sharpening claws is more his thing (poor old birdie table).

Thursday 15 September 2011

big head, small body

Darcy in fairground spirit
Mrs H visited Beer in Devon, a most favourite place. There were many joyful activities – walks across the cliff, pebble beach foraging, deckchairs, cream teas and Pimms in the garden...

... and, of course, a visit to the bendy mirrors! 

The Dolphin Hotel
Nothing more fun and laughable than looking at yourself in a fairground mirror

Look taller, thinner, fatter, have a big head and small body... the list is endless!

A whole array of looks and so funny to see oneself and others in a different shape!
... the novelty is infectious.

Monday 12 September 2011

Brolly love

It might look colourful and bright here in these photos... but believe me, of late we have suffered gusty rain, torrential at times, cool nippy winds and clouds in abundance.
We formally announce that Summer in Oxfordshire must be over! 
(especially as Mrs H is packing the sun umbrella away)

No!.. ROooarrR ..No! I MEeowwwWWWW don't do it..!

...STAY brolly, STAY! I can't wish Summer good bye ... not quite yet!

.. but the packing away has begun..!

Bingley's tail
Bing begins to iron out the creases...

... hoover up the trapped insects...

moreover, he goes forth to the VERY ends..
(nerves of steel)

"Departing summer hath assumed
An aspect tenderly illumed,
The gentlest look of spring;
That calls from yonder leafy shade
Unfaded, yet prepared to fade,
A timely carolling".
~ William Wordsworth, September

Thursday 8 September 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ at a loose end



... I look down on him ...

... at his water butt personal watering hole

... preparing to snoop on the neighbours and a pigeon
(not necessarily in that order)

mousie, mousie.. where ARE you?

Dreaming of tomorrow (and that pigeon)

 in front

 ... and behind

If she don't chase you when you walk away, keep walking.