Monday 29 August 2011

hiding places are innumerable, escape only one

Darcy at play

Hiding places?

baffled Bingley

Eh?..was he here..? sure he WAS in here...?!

.. just in there..

.. that dasterdly escapee brother of mine!

Saturday 27 August 2011

What has a tail and yet no body?

.. escaped ferret..?

... a discarded old duster? The ones that come with handles
(now that could still be useful..!?)

Tis ME!, Your Darcy and my trusty old fluffiness of a tail, all intact and ready for PLAY!
How about it?!!

Thursday 25 August 2011

a face to a name

We have returned from our Cornish holidays and are still thinking about the good times we had.
We stayed at Aunties and the Havens visited her in her Care Home all they could. 

Darcy and Bingley hiding out under Aunt's dressing table

... we (the fluffy duo) both thought about her too...

.. and looked at happy times recorded in photo albums.

Mrs Haven decided she would post up a picture of Aunty, privacy considered, because in so many ways Aunty is 'unseen' now she is in Care, unable to move independently or chat or choose who sees her and hears what she has to say (and what she has to say is not what it was, more a shout or cry).
But she always loved the camera. So let us see her.
Here she is.

.. and before..

wedding day bliss

.. their much loved dear old Jess, near Damar Bay

.. and later, naughty little Honey when she arrived first and then as she grew up.. on the beach at Looe..

Once met never forgotten (how could you in those hats!)
.. and their beloved Cornwall has been a wonderful place to get to know.

Note: Re. Darcy and spraying. He is still doing it a bit in his litter tray, but with the lid on the litter box it is contained and so OK on that front.
Much love and reassurance is being administered to the little lad.
We go on from here.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ finale

This post shows us in the cornish garden but it is the last excursion because there has been an unfortunate development.

Bingley and Darcy




Darcy spots him first...

... the neighbours Tom called Bonkers.

There are 3 Toms around, all spraying this garden.
All of them pursue Darcy and Bingley.
Now Darcy has begun spraying in his litter tray in the kitchen (and its messy).
Mrs H is having to clean a lot (with special stuff from the pet shop) but is worried that he will continue this habit when he goes home.
All daily excursions have ceased and he has been shampooed in case he has Tom spray on him.
To no avail at the moment. Any suggestions or pointers about what can be done to reassure him and break the habit most gratefully requested.

Sunday 14 August 2011

to eat and to see

We have a glut of fruit, especially plums! We can't pick enough, the trees are laden. We have made many new friends by giving bowls of these delicious things away!



Mrs H has been baking and made these plum puffs after watching a video on YouTube by 'My Daddy Cooks' - a Dad cooking with his 4 year old, Archie - very sweet!
She followed it up with a stew from the Cranks recipe book.

We also went to a magical outdoor theatre on the moor just outside Liskeard called Sterts.
We saw 'Guys and Dolls' and it was so professional despite being performed by amateurs.

It had an awning, but we all still needed blankets (and a drop of something to warm the cockles).

PS. If you have any favourite plum recipe's or ideas for storing, please can you tell us?!

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Sunday 7 August 2011


Bingley and Darcy

... the bookless garage ...

Thursday 4 August 2011

going potty

When someone surprises you with a kindness it is extra special, isn't it.
I could have one of these to use to pot-up my plants...

But no! my dear friend Mr C who lives here in Cornwall and helps me to look after my Aunt's home instead made me one like this!

It was originally an industrial Singer sewing machine and he stripped it out, rejuvenated the base and made a 'potting' top for it.
I love it and will treasure it..

potting bench or new cat bed?

A labour of love.
What unusual things have you had made for you...?

Monday 1 August 2011

the smell of seaweed

When they go out (and sometimes they do),
we know just what to do...
prepare ourselves for a kip (and wait)!

The Havens visited a friend in Helford

It was misty and damp but still wonderful..

they went for a walk and met this dog...

Mrs Haven threw him lots of sticks and he crouched in readiness...
and never grew bored

.. he looked sad when she finally had to go..

... there were secret little cottages hidden away (this one can apparently be rented from the National Trust)

they walked for miles..

... and visited a gallery and garden (Mrs H can't recall the name of it nor find it on the web but it is being developed by the ex-wife of someone in the 'Who' band and is in Helford)

The trip was topped off with homemade cake and clotted cream.
They smelt of seaweed when they got home.