Friday 1 May 2009

It's all about the Birman

Although some may expect the Burmese to be the sacred cat of Burma, that honour goes to the Birman

Birman is derived from the French spelling of Burma – ‘Birmanie’

Birman’s are known for their brilliant intensely blue eyes, pure white feet and luxurious, mat-free white coats which develops a golden or faint beige cast. They have magnificent bushy tails which they usually carry over their backs in squirrel fashion

They lose their kitten coat when around a year old and then a beautiful ruff around the neck (much like an Elizabethan collar) grows, a darker mask and point color and a beautiful ivory body develops

They are gentle, patient, trusting and social, and love the company of humans and take an intelligent interest in everything their human families do. Bonding is important

The Siamese and the long-haired bi-coloured Angora are suspected of being responsible for the Birman’s origin

One of their many special qualities is that they will look you right in the eyes as a way of displaying affection

Their favourite toys have you at the end of them.They readily run to the door when visitors come

 You seldom have to wonder where your Birman is, and not because they are asleep, but because they are where YOU are.


  1. They are sweet.. lovely to see them when they were younger. Kittens are sooooo special!

  2. PRECIOUS! Darling and OH! How I wish I could hold them.

  3. They are so beautiful. I want one now! would my two dogs get along with them I wonder?
    I can see why they are so special.


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