Thursday 26 November 2009

Thursday in the garden

For our Thursday in the garden slot, this is a flash back cos we haven't gotten out much this week on account of the rain and wind and dark.
Mrs H took us to visit her parents last September. Apparently, we were very good in the car (we purred when we overheard her saying all sorts of lovely things about us while we pretended to kip on the back seat - nice)
Below is Mr H Senior - we adored playing with him, and even more so when he rummaged in his garage (very full of stuff in there - we went crazy when we got in, but Mrs H eventually stormed in and dragged us out - reckon she resented missing out on the fun we had pulling down the step ladder with all the paint tins stacked on it...!)

... and below is Mrs H senior, so easily won over by a little roll, stretch and scratch from a firm tom boy form (her daughter is just the same)

To be honest, it took us by surprise to be allowed to be out and about when we visited the 'Seniors'. The badger track was certainly our favourite spot and we rushed at it and rubbed and rolled (but Mrs H was ever our shadow - honestly! as IF we would push through the hedge to woodland beyond....! YEP!) purrrrrrr


  1. Look at you having such fun, paws waving in the air! Being allowed to be out and about in such a lovely garden must have been heavenly!

    Purrs, Jonesie

  2. Looks like yoo had great fun. Escape ... as if!! Tee hee!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  3. Wow! What fun you had! And we know the "Seniors" had fun watching and playing with you!

  4. Hi there!

    We found your blog through our friend Fin. I'm Katie (the cat) and this is my girl Glogirly. Nice to meet you. How fun to have such a great garden for feline frolicking! I'm a city cat...we just have a couple of balconies so I don't really get to enjoy the whole garden experience. It sure looks like fun though.

    You have a very nice blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    (Glogirly's cat)

  5. You were very lucky indeed to be allowed outside. The garden looks pretty safe though. And the fun you had! It seem to pay off nicely this being good boys.


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