Thursday 15 September 2011

big head, small body

Darcy in fairground spirit
Mrs H visited Beer in Devon, a most favourite place. There were many joyful activities – walks across the cliff, pebble beach foraging, deckchairs, cream teas and Pimms in the garden...

... and, of course, a visit to the bendy mirrors! 

The Dolphin Hotel
Nothing more fun and laughable than looking at yourself in a fairground mirror

Look taller, thinner, fatter, have a big head and small body... the list is endless!

A whole array of looks and so funny to see oneself and others in a different shape!
... the novelty is infectious.


  1. My goodness it has been a very long time since my mom has had the pleasure of looking at herself in the bendy mirrors. What fun to see these pictures. I wonder what Darcy and Bingley would have had to say if they were there to see themselves?


  2. Love your new hat Mr Darcy ;-)
    Bendy mirrors look like lot of fun to stand in front of :)

  3. My mom would try to get the thinnest possible result!

    Love your headpiece, Darcy!

  4. Darcy, we love that outfit. :)

    What fun those mirrors are! Reminds us of the carnival when we were kids.

  5. We can't believe you were only 5 miles down the road from us! Looks like a good time ws had by all.

  6. Wow! Those mirrors are really funky!!

    Darcy...we love your hat!!

  7. Wow now how many years since we've seen these???? Too many to count! Fun post.

  8. Hello dear
    The wibbly wobbly mirrors are such fun - great photos!
    I love the autumnal feel of your new blog header :-)
    Happy Autumn to you!

  9. love those mirrors, haven't been to one in years! Boris & Maisie only just speaking to us after the Shepton weekend... Lizzie x


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