Tuesday, 6 December 2011

heat wave French style

The senior Havens pitched up and we headed off to Nice.
The furry lads were left to care for the Seniors.
We flew and landed to a climate that hit 27 degrees..

and the South of France welcomed us...
“France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country” - Mark Twain

Bring it on....
I can only say it feels weird to be warm and without a coat when you peruse Christmas trees (but we loved it)

We ate in the park ...
Visited Ephrussi de Rothschild villa and gardens in Cap Ferrat and then ate a meal to die for in Villefranche (watched over by a dog)
local birdies... (eat your hearts out Bingley and Darcy)

bon appetite in Cannes, a favourite haunt of ours..
from the days when we liked to tan..

David Niven once lived here... who does now, I wonder?

so much to see... but can you see me?

wish we could grow these at home..
and then have time to sit beneath them.

Then we wondered how many antiques could be squeezed in a bag
(and not break in transit)

gave up and toured (all along the coast on buses for one euro),
listened to jazz, soaked up the sunshine, ate more delicious food...

.. and yes, dreamed a little of home ....



Home coming is sweet when these boys await, afterall.


  1. These pictures are great - I'm soo jealous as England has been visited by Jack Frost the last two nights - brrr!!! I bet Darcy and Bingley will be happy to see you :)

  2. Seeing these holiday pics makes our mom feel GOOD she says. We liked the birdies!

  3. What a lovely vacation !!!

    I stayed in Nice for a few days many years ago. The open beaches were just a bit of shock form my young son. He came back to our chair and told me all about it.

    We drove through Monaco but didn't have time to look all around. It was one of those three weeks seeing all we could kind of trips.

  4. What a wonderful trip!!! I was on a cruise a couple of years ago with Robert and my mum and sis, we had several ports of call in the south of France, it was delightful! Your pictures bring back many memories :-)

  5. Wow beautiful photos, looks amazing there!!! Always nice to think of home though ;o)

  6. Wow, that was beautiful. No wonder you love going there. Ha, ha, I love Mark Twain! I wish I had such a way with words. We're glad you had a great time & a safe trip. Welcome home.

  7. That looks like an amazing trip...even if you did need to leave the furry family behind.

  8. How beautiful! The trip was really nice, too! MOL!

  9. What a beautiful and enchanting place Nice is, and how wonderful that you could escape the winter doldrums there. :)

    We bet Darcy and Bingley will be oh-so-happy to see you upon your return home!

  10. Bonjour!
    It looks like the most dreamy of winter holiday escapes - you're so clever to have found some sunshine to store in the soul for the remaining winter.
    I went to Villefranche for a week some years back and loved it. Just the right size and so friendly too. I wonder which restaurant you ate at?
    Can't wait to find out more about your trip, meanwhile Welcome Home!

  11. Enjoy the warm weather you two and wishing you furry purry headbutts when you return home...

  12. What a pretty place and I hope you have a wonderful time! Stay safe!

  13. Just a comment re: biting through Christmas tree light wires (from our Fuzzy Tales site)--Derry likes to bite the wire too, but last year I wrapped the end of it in tin foil. All the bits that extend from the tree to the wall outlet. That part is turned toward the wall, so you can't really see it, and it seems to deter him.


  14. Have a wonderful time. Mommy was transfixed when she saw Nice as she has been there waaaaay back in the ancient days of yore..I bet she was carried in a litter or something or a least a horse and chariot bumped her along.

    Give mommy and daddy lots of kisses when they get home, boys.


  15. Ms. Helen, Darcy and Bingley...
    OMC we came back to see if our comment from earlier today posted...it seems it went into a black hole....
    Anyway we are so glad your peeps had a lovely vacation. The pics are wonderful and most of all I was happy to hear your grandpeeps served you well while Mom and Dad were away..
    Hugs Madi

  16. Hi Helen, very jealous of those warm photos of France (sitting here shivering!) Thank you for your blog comment. I know it was a bit naughty to put all that temptation there in front of everyone! Lizzie xx

  17. I have a stained glass thing hanging in the kitchen window that says Home is where the cat is. I fully agree with that!!
    I think the photo of the single gull on a ledge overlooking the sea is stunning!!! Definitely worth some wall space...

  18. Hola !
    Totes aquestes imatges m'agraden molt , sobre tot les dels gats !!
    Salutacions des de Catalunya.

  19. Darcy is so gourgeous!!!
    Great pictures.
    Thanks to share!
    Marilia & Bavarescats


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