Friday, 9 March 2012

Celebrating a hand-made life ~ 4

British Sign Language (BSL) 

Perhaps the definitive use of our 'hands' .... a way of communicating.

BSL is the first or preferred language of around 70,000 people in the UK because their world is built upon visually, using their HANDS

It is flourishing in a range of art forms including drama, poetry, comedy and satire.

I use it every day at work.

This post is part of Josie's My Home Made Happy theme of HANDS  ..come and see..


  1. I have thought on several occasions to learn sign language. My mom has, that is. MOL. I wonder if she ever will just do it instead of talk about it? xoxoxox

  2. What a wonderful take on the theme of Hands!

    I'm totally useless at learning languages but I do envy all those able to learn such new things! My work colleague on Sundays has just enrolled in a BSL course! He's also trying to learn Arabic and Russian at the same time. Amazing!

    Take care

  3. Your Mom has beautiful hands and they make beautiful words.
    Oh dear you broke a dish at 5 am ....bless your heart. I'm sure it was an accident.
    Hugs Madi

  4. Hooray!
    I'm so pleased you posted this :-)
    Are they your hands? It's a great photo, for sure.
    What a wonderfully sunny day we had today, it was such a tonic to the soul - thank you for a fun time! x

  5. Interesting : )
    I wonder how you say " Cat " by hand language

  6. Such a wonderful way to follow the "hands" theme. :)

  7. I took a class for American sign language when I was in college. I've forgotten most of what I learned by now, though. Your post made me want to take a class again!


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