Tuesday, 18 February 2014

it came, it went (sunshine)

We woke last Sunday to a glorious and sunny day!
We all went straight outside to soak it up.

It was lovely to finally get close to the flowers.
Not a raincoat in sight!

I climbed ladders to take down and clean the birdie boxes.
Sadly, there was a Tit skeleton in one.
I moved the box to a much safer 'cat resistant' spot.

We visited family in Cholsey and bought eggs at their local farm...

I loved the colourful ones the best, and they belong to Ben ...

Best of all I loved the gentle cows!
Always have and always will.

But then I returned to work and this happened again

I didn't even fancy opening the office window to take this (I work on a beautiful country estate, well it is when it isn't raining!)

Bingley and Darcy are keeping their paws crossed for more sunshine and respite from the floods.
Take care xx
PS. Shortly after this display of brotherly love, they had a scrap.


  1. My, those are some colorful eggs! Those pictures of that cow peeking over the partition made me smile. Precious!
    We hope you get more sunshine. We, on the other hand, could do with some rain.

  2. I don't know why but I always love reading your blog. Maybe cause you do garden and country photos added in with the cat ones.

    I thought of you over the weekend. The flooding in your area was on the news so I told my H all about you and your blog.

    Love the egg and cow photos. I think I would love to live on a country estate with lots of cats and a few horses to love. I'd need some help though but who doesn't.

    Stay warm,

  3. great photos! Yes, let's all have more of that sunshine!

  4. We love seeing your flowers since all we have is lots of snow to stare at out our windows. And we've never seen eggs those colors before. How interesting!

  5. Oh, such lovely pictures! I especially liked the one of the eggs, and the sign that went with them. Oh, and of course, the one of Bingley and Darcy before their dust-up. :)

    Paws and fingers crossed for some more sun!


  6. I hope the boys' life vests are close by again!

  7. Nowadays, one has to savour every moment of sunshine to the full! Lovely photos.

  8. What beautiful eggs! And the spring flowers, sigh. We are all pretty fed up with winter this year, especially Mom with the snow shoveling. You two look lovely, crossing paws like that!


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