Sunday, 9 February 2020

delighting in discovery

I rarely ever buy things new preferring charity shop finds.
I love the delight of surprise discoveries.
Here are two recent finds.

The skirt is silk. I love the colours and the way it swings when I walk.

This blanket is huge and that iconic pink/blue stripe so jolly.

Woke to frost on a recent visit to my Mum and Dad in Bath.
I especially loved watching the shifting atmospheric mists as dawn flooded the valley.


  1. Somebody was having fun shopping!!!

  2. Those are such beautiful finds. Charity shop shopping is so full of wonderful discoveries! :)

    I love the lighting in your photo of Bath. Hope you had a nice visit with your parents.

  3. Those are great! Our mom is particularly fond of paisley.

    Very lovely shot of the early morning.

  4. Two lovely charity shop finds, I like the colours:)


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