Wednesday, 23 September 2020

 Nature provided in abundance

Victoria Plum

Hydrangea Annabel first year of flowering and she gave her all!

walked Bruce (actually he walked me)

Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley donated their fur to birdy nests
 (the Tits took it and their babies were extra cosy)

Mrs Stag Beetle appeared in the garden and then I found Mr Stag Beetle (large antlers - on the right) in the road outside so I brought him home to meet her 

had a go at drying some of the Peony petals

The heat of the Summer was much loved by Fred
his umbrella shielding him from some of the sun

... and like much of the Nation it seems, I learned to bake!

.. and now Summer has done her thing and the logs have been safely stacked...
Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to just let things go..



  1. Wow, you have all been busy (especially Victoria Plum)! It's astounding that Summer is now a memory, isn't it?

  2. Looks like you had a beautiful and productive summer!

  3. We love that you brought Mr. Stag Beetle home to the Mrs. Our mom would have done the same thing! And it was sweet of Messrs. Darcy and Bingley to share some fluff.

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  5. True. Nature provided in abundance. It's only our greed which has blinded us to this fact. Regards Naomi

  6. Almost a year are the boys, Fred, and Bruce? Was your garden a big success again this year?


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