Tuesday, 20 April 2010

the black hole of Cornwall

Have any of you ever been to the 'black hole of Cornwall'?
We find ourselves in it a fair bit.
Being in this hole means you are unable to blog! Yes! Those dear furry friends of ours out there will probably have noticed our absence. Indeed, we have noticed our OWN absence! 
Each morning I sit here by the computer but it never opens and I suppose it is because, like us, it is in the dastardly 'black hole of Cornwall'!
Bing in hopeful blogging mood

Despite the hole, we do quite like Cornwall.
We monitor what goes in and out of cupboards ...
cupboard love

Darcy gets into gear in the garage ...

We take our surveying duties seriously and like to watch for flies from upon high ... 

Unlike at home, there is a digital TV here. We find this especially rewarding when undertaking a spot of cable chewing (Darcy); the reaction from Mrs H when the TV no longer works is quite something to see!
Left: two bits of red tape covering tears.            Right: transformer repairing fraying

We have both become rather fond of a hat Mrs H found for us, it was lost and all alone in Mount Edgcumbe Country Park
.. though I have found that Darcy just isn't good at sharing ...
 ...he dragged it away to hide it from me in the cupboard (he can be so self-centred) ...

Each morning we keep watch for imposters!
Guard Darcy

Mr and Mrs H were outside a great deal (apparently clearing the boundaries??)
We wish we could have gone outside too.

The primroses were breathtaking ...

But NOT the imposter cat below who has clearly been rolling in the soot from the bonfire!

When not entertaining us, we had understood that Mr and Mrs H spent their entire Cornish stay either visiting Aunty B in her Care Home or slaving out in her garden (this is what we were told). HOWEVER, the photo below depicting the silliness of Mrs H, illustrates that they do not always tell the full truth. Shocking!
Armed at Trerice House


  1. We have never been to Cornwall but it looks very fun there. We have missed you both and are glad you are back, but we can totally understand about the black hole. It happens some times! When you are out of the hole, you should post about that cord at the NKC! it is a very good, naughty story!

    And that is funny that Darcy took the hat - Virgil will do that with our feather toy sometimes, though he can't really hide it.

    We are glad you got out of the hole for a while! We can't wait to see you when it lets you out again!!

  2. We're sorry about the "black hole," but what a lovely spot you seem to have! All that land, gorgeous views, lovely flowers...looks like paradise to us! (And even a wooly hat for entertainment. LOL!)

  3. Welcome back out of the black hole of Cornwall! Bingley, you gotta figure out a way to do your own blogging when the humans go away!! And Darcy...it was very funny seeing you drag that hat away! We hope you can learn to share it with Bing!!

  4. Hello darlings D and B :-)
    So pleased to see you back in blogland and full of your usual mischief. I know the black hole of Cornwall can be tricky, but many of the two legged folk are happy to be internet free - though I can understand it was tricky for the two of you wanting to keep updated with your feline pals.
    Maybe one day you can go out and about in the Cornish garden and play amongst the plants :-)
    Sending you cuddles and purrs,
    D x

  5. Welcome back! I must say that I have to visit Cornwall one day. It sounds magical. But, it's wonderful to see you back!

  6. Hi, you gorgeous boys, we have really missed you both!!...It looks like your parents have been busy working hard, clearing the land; your Mommy is very silly!!...We loved your photos and are so happy you guys are back with us!...Have a happy day, our friends!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Hi guys! It seems the black hole was plenty entertaining for you. I especially liked the photo of the intruder cat who rolled in the soot--ha ha ha ha! I wonder if that's what happened to me!

  8. Cornish? Did you say Cornish?? ::twitch::

    Did you know I have no control around Cornish hens? I even stole one (fair and square) from my mom's plate.

    Glad to see you back my furriends!

  9. 原來這世上能跟你共同領略一個笑話的人竟如此難得........................................

  10. We've missed yoo and are glad yoo are back! Iz Mrs H the Iron-Woman?

  11. Looks like you are having way too much fun !!!
    And, Mrs H ... well, what was she thinking ...

  12. We are sure that Cornwall is just lovely and for much that we lament that you're unable to blog while there we're happy for you going. It's nice that the humans take you along instead of leaving you at home! You had some excellent adventures.


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