Friday, 23 April 2010

the bliss of a chrochet bed

We all love a parcel, don't we!
This one came from Germany and arrived for US!

It smelt fantastic!

There wasn't just one thing inside, but LOTS...(more to follow about those another time)

But the very best bit, the star of the show was THIS...!
We first spotted a rather amazing bed like this in their fun in the garden post, and to see it was to love it! We wanted one very much indeed. AND THEN, Britta only went and made us one! YES, handmade one just for us!

Thank you to Britta, Siena and Chilli over at Cat with a garden

Darcy invesitgating

Bing bagging it

Darcy early morning

Thank you for our marvelous chrochet bed!


  1. How gorgeous! What a wonderful bed! We had seen their post about the crochet bed, too, and were very impressed. :-)

  2. Oh My ... you two look marvelous in your new bed !!!

  3. Oh it's fabulous. We've never seen a crochet bed before.

  4. You're very lucky! We have one made by Siena and Chilli's mom too. We love it!

  5. What lovely gifts from your friends; that is a beautiful bed and you guys look great in it!!...Happy weekend, handsome friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Oh what a beautiful bed that is! It looks so nice and comfy and warm! We know you will enjoy it!!

  7. We are so jealous!!! First of all you get to have this wonderful bed hand made by one of the best kitty moms in the world...and THEN you get to smell our pals Siena and Chilli all over it! Sigh.

    Hope you share it! I'm sure if we had one my bed hog sister Bennette would take it over!

  8. We are glad to see the boys like it. Pure wool is so cosy for us cats (mom says it would make her itch)! And the chews are delicious, aren't they?
    Many purrs, Siena & Chilli

  9. What an amazing bed! I love those girls!

  10. What a groovey bed, and a perfect spot to have it in the sun.

  11. We love your bed!! So cozy!! We love Siena and Chilli and their mom!!

    And we see you got the book too! We hope your mom reads it to you while you are using that snazzy bed!!


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