Tuesday 4 May 2010

all that glitters....

As she chose to do it in the kitchen, it must taste good!
Darcy and me were on hand to help with the evaluation of flavours.
Darcy egged on by Bing
We managed this most successfully and found it great FUN (aided by Mrs H putting us down from the table, only so we could repeatedly JUMP right back up!).
Darcy made some beautiful green paw prints over the microwave and I gulped some and had a green beard thingy!
Mrs H was surprisingly unappreciative and carted me off and actually cut away bits of my green furry beard thingy - how provoking she can be.

painted jewelry tree (...minus Darcy and Bingley ... for the time being!)


  1. Yikes, our human doesn't think helping your mum with the painting is a good idea, even though she's sure you meant well.

    The jewelry tree turned out very well, by the way! Lovely!

  2. Cut away some of you green beard thingy? How rude! Because your reasoning was flawless!!!

  3. Oh we love to leave pawprints when we have the chance! IT sounds like you had fun!

    And what a pretty jewelry tree that is - she did a great job!

  4. We know you guys were just trying to help Mrs. H, sorry to hear you ended up with green paws and a green beard!!...You gorgeous boys are so silly!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Cats are such helpers. I always have a snooperviser when I'm doing things.

  6. Hasn't Mrs H ever read "Why Cats Paint"?

    Very cool cat toy tree, even without your help on painting!

  7. Looks like yoo did a great job snoopervising! MOL!

  8. When my mom painted the kitchen last summer my momma Ellie and I tried to help...and we got locked out too. So rude. A painted paw print on the jewelry tree would make it look much better.


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