Friday 20 August 2010

Black Vs White

Mrs H took these with a flip video camera and then made some stills from it for our post so the pictures are grainy - sorry on her behalf. We all wanted you to see them despite this because they are an IMPAWTANT milestone in our lives. This is an imposter cat covered in soot. We were walking pass our favourite window in Cornwall and SAW him. He just SAT there looking at us. We looked to Mrs H for advice.
... but she was just too busy getting her camera out - typical!
Darcy tried to paw Sooty but he refused to move
Undaunted he stared right back at us... the bare black faced CHEEK
... even with TWO of us he just stayed there and even took time out to groom!
It was perplexing.
When he eventually sneaked off, we looked for him every time we went pass our window but he never sat on the sill again. We have only ever seen one other cat, a ginger one.
We thought WE were the only two cats in the Universe!


  1. I love the first photo as Bingley and Darcy look at you... Mom! Why aren't you doing anything about this intruder kitty??? Oh, you're taking video of us instead. Sigh... humans!

  2. You two are so cute !!!

    Did Mom put food out for this black kitty ?

  3. I loved them looking at you for advice. My first really big smile of the day. Bingley and Darcy are so gorgeous.

  4. We agree, that first pic is a classic! You can just see that Bingley and Darcy are looking for reassurance/help! MOL!

  5. Oh, we think he might have wanted to be your friend - it looked like he was pretty cute (not as cute as you too of course). We don't really know to many cats that live outside our house - we see some at the vets sometimes, but that is about it. We never have any that come up to our window like you did!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. You two are being way too nice to that imposter cat! We woulda chased him far away!! He does seem rather friendly though...

  7. Cute photos, especially the first one!...Maybe you guys will formally meet Sooty sometime while out in your beautiful garden; it would be nice to have a new friend!...Happy weekend, handsome boys; sending you both many kisses, sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. These photos are so funny! We think it would be much more fun for Darcy and Bingley if the cat reacted to them - he (she?) just looks bored.

    P.S. Glad to see you're back!

  9. Um...uh...hate to tell you this, but you the only 2 cats in the Universe.

    And I think Sooty is kind of cute too.


    Big purrs,


    pee ess...we missed you!

  10. my two feel the same way about the regular ginger visitor to our garden!!! xx


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