Thursday 26 August 2010

Thursday NOT in the garden

Full of 'Thursday in the garden' aspirations.. down we came to ... RAIN
yep. its a flood out there.... so - will we, won't we?
Darcy in front of the still Monster ever growing tomatoes
10 MINS LATER: considerable damping down required
 Monster tomato plants now aggressively taking on conservatory blinds
Bingley now rain-dry (took a lot out of him, that did), blobbing out in his own special way...
It is lovely to be back dear gardening friends


  1. Your garden is fabulous ! That's why your kitties can't resist to go out.

    Thank you so much to visit my blog and your kind comments. My Puddy don't worry about the rain same as yours. Because Cool long hair cats,they have the waterproof fur : ) but I don't know why Puddy don't like to take a bath : ) ... Please have a great coming weekend with your sweeties

    Everyday Cat Visitor

  2. We really admire your monster tomato plant. We wishes our tomatoes were doing that good.

  3. You two are very weatherproof Gardening Cats. Cool! That tomato is monstrous indeed. Ours are so high mom couldn't even stake them anymore because her longest bamboo stick was too short. But yours are even higher. Wowsa!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. We are very impressed with those tomatoes! And we like rain too, but ONLY because we are inside cats. Tasha gets very indignant if a drop comes in the window and hits her . So we think you're very brave to go outside in the rain.

    XXX from Franklin and furriends

  5. Got your paws wet did we ...

  6. You have the most glorious courtyard/patio and garden. No wonder you still ventured out in the rain. :-)

    So how is your mum going to harvest all the tomatoes, from such a height? Tall ladder? :-)

  7. Me and Mommy love your Monster Tomato Plant. We had a nice one and it made us a lot of tomatoes but my goodness, yours is wonderful, Bingley and Darcy.
    I don't get to be outside but I think I would love it in the rain if mommy would just allow me. I think I will start a petition!!!

  8. Beautiful garden. Pity we have no garden of our own. Maybe one day. Mom is learning and now wants to create a small flowery jungley place in our patio. We'll see if that goes anywhere!

    9 and Chani

  9. We LOVE your garden, boys! That tomato plant is especially impressive! :)

  10. You two are brave!

    P.S. That isn't a Killer Tomato, is it? You'd better be careful, just in case!

  11. Lovely garden; I'm so jealous. you must have really green paws.

  12. We are proud of you for going out in the garden in the rain. Jonesie has to do that all the time, but we've been lucky lately.

    We are purring so hard getting to see you again!

  13. I love seeing that pose at the end but of course, I loved the entire blog and all of the pictures. Your babies are so gorgeous.


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