Thursday, 28 July 2011


the corn in the field running along our garden is golden
Cornwall has welcomed us.
We have Internet access but only just and have to crouch in the corner of the garden to get a sufficiently strong signal (but it IS a signal). Our vision of sitting on the sofa and visiting you all at leisure is to be modified but visit we certainly will because where there is a Will there is a way!

A trip to St Ives last Wednesday. We spent the day there because it was Mr Haven's Birthday!
Coffee at Carbis Bay Hotel and a walk across the cliff into St Ives for lunch and shopping and just to enjoy the beauty of the place.

... a daily walk-about ...

and a full inspection of each and every cupboard almost complete.


  1. Happy birthday to Mr Haven !!!!!
    and Bingley and Darcy, I miss you
    Thanks for sharing the good photos, I really enjoy it

  2. Belated happy b-day to Mr. Haven!

    The mom says forget the blog visiting and just enjoy the wonderful scenery! :-)

  3. Oh the corn fields are beautiful! Bingley, do you do a daily walk-about there??

  4. Oh, Happy birthday, Mr H!
    Doesn't St. Ives look stunning. I haven't been there for years but it always used to be one of my favourite places. Have a lovely time and don't you boys wander too far from Mr & Mrs H! Take care, Sue x

  5. Happy Purrsday to Mr Haven !!!
    You seems to have a purrfect holiday :)

  6. lovely blue eyes you have mr darcy and what poofy tail you have mr bingley.

    emma and buster

  7. Lovely! Happy Belated Birthday Mr Haven!

  8. Have a terrific break. We miss you!

  9. a belated Happy Birthday, Mr H !!
    So lovely to read about your Cornish adventures here on the blog :-) And so beautiful to see St Ives in the sunshine ... aaaahhh !
    happy days,


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