Saturday, 30 July 2011

follow my leader


Daily my brother and I 'walk-about' our new territory.
It must always be that 'She' follows.... (shadow woman).
The lead must ALWAYS be slack...
I must not be disturbed by being followed (even when I go deep under a bush under which She cannot follow!).

.. wherever it may be... I must be free to go..

.. whatever I pause to investigate...


.. or lick...
I am free to do so (harness? pah! I ignore it!)

.. every shrub is our domain.
She must wait as mere onlooker.


  1. My, you have Her trained well! Care to drop by and have a go at our Mom? Heaven knows she needs it!

  2. What a lovely walk you dragged your 2-legged out on today !!!
    That grass lookes really nom nom :)

  3. We like the purrspective on some of those photos-- you look like a toy!

    Too bad about the harness, but wow, we think you're having wonderful walks anyway!

  4. Wonderful Walking ! Seems you have a nice day : )
    but the first photo looks so wicked ! You are so small like a bug..MOL
    Have a great day

  5. Seeing you out there makes mommy smile and me too. A few weeks ago, your mom posted pictures of you running on the lawn and seeing that back view of you and your feet high in the air as you ran was one of the most enchanting pictures ever. xoxoxox

  6. Looks like you two took her on a good walk!!

  7. Glad you have your human trained to walk behind you. Great job!

  8. Mom said it might be good to get a retractable lead. The ones we have are 20 feet long so the lead is always slack but we are still safe ~ and mom can even sit on a bench sometimes when we are within radius.
    You can get them from all pet stores (mom thinks they are dog leads but they fit onto cat harnesses) and they don't cost too much.
    Enjoy your walk.

  9. Her name is Darcy? She looks so adorable, even when she leads, Haven! Just like how your cat led the way, a good leader never rejects or desert any challenges in life. He/she also seeks competency.

    Alexander Tiedeman


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