Wednesday, 7 March 2012

crash, bang, wallop

Mr Bingley

Sorry. Can I come in now...?

.... a  mere memory ....

... the reality ...

I am sorry that I broke my dish AND Darcy's dish at 5am making a huge crashing noise when you were asleep. I am sorry that you had to brush it up for ages and got a piece stuck in your toe (but I liked it when you checked me all over). 
I am sorry that you couldn't get back to sleep. I am sorry that I couldn't express this in a way you could understand and that sitting across your face was not a help but a hindrance. 


  1. Oh you minxy boy, Bingley !!
    Frisking at 5am is not the best way to make Mrs H happy, is it? But that's early Springtime for you, I guess.
    Shame about those lovely dishes though. However, such frisky behaviour does explain why M and M have plastic dishes ;-)
    Now, young Bingley fellow, you've got a lot of pampering of Mrs H to do to make up for the chaos ... go Bingley!

  2. oh NO you could NEVER be a bad boy!
    Looks like new spotty dishes all round!

    ps the story goes that when my dad was a little boy and he got scolded for doing something wrong, he always answered that "wasn't me- Morrie done it".. .full permission here for Bingley to borrow the phrase!

  3. Naughty kitty! We have had many broken bowls over the years and it's always the pretty and expensive ones that get broke! We now use the stainless steel ones as they don't break but they make a heck of a racket when the dogs thinking there might be more in the bowl when in reality there isn't push them around the kitchen floor!

  4. Poor Bingley. We're sure Mommy isn't even the least upset with the broken dishes. Maybe a little wozzy from the shock and waking up that early, but not angry. We're glad you didn't hurt yourself either (or Mr Darcy).
    Perhaps stainless steel bowls might be a better option? :)

  5. Oh Mr BINGLEY! Oh my oh MY! What happened darling? Were your dishes up on the counter and you were hungry? (that's your excuse) and nudged the dishes looking for food? You are so handsome and loving that I know Mommy and Daddy are not mad at you.


  6. Hahaha. Sorry...okay, we're not sorry. Nicki has been known to deliberately break objects at 2AM - 3AM, just to get the human up out of bed.

    There are no breakables within reach anymore. :-P

  7. Oh, Mr Bingley what on earth were you up to at 5a.m. to break all your dishes? Your poor mum had to clean all that up but how caring she was to check you over first to make sure your little paws didn't have slivers of pottery in them. You must have given her such a fright:)

  8. Oh sweet boy, who could stay mad at you?!

  9. Oh the things they do while we try to sleep.

  10. Oh don't feel so sorry...I'm sure your mom knows you did not do it on purpose and she is not mad at you!
    I tell you, if you sit across my face, everything will be forgiven!

  11. Oh Bingley, you sure were busy, weren't you??

  12. Well, at least nobody got hurt and it means your mummy can buy a new mug - maybe one with your face printed all over it!

  13. No, we know you boys would never do that! It happens in our house, but we never do it either. Innocent until proven guilty!

  14. Oh Dear, Mr. BIngley! It seems you were somewhat over-enthusiastic in your early morning exercises?

    The Chans

  15. Oh wow! That takes true talent to makes such a mess.

    We are impressed!

  16. Oh my! Sorry to hear about those dishes, Mr. Bingley. We can tell your apology is a heartfelt one ... did your Mom let you back in?

  17. Oh dear... but we are chuckling at 'someone's' attempt to make up for it... loved the idea of laying on her face!


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