Thursday, 1 May 2014

Springing forward (Tempus Fugit)

My, how time flies! 
We have been working, gardening, travelling, celebrating and exercising .... oh, and Bingley and Darcy have been generally lazing around, as usual!

Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy on their wriggle rug

Tomatoes, leeks, chard, trailing sweet pea... to name a few.
The allotment is ready and awaits the produce (we just require the time to get down there to plant!).

Cornwall at my late Aunt's home over Easter, gardening, burning and preparing the place for sale :-(
End of an era.

Elwood and Otis, Diana's cats next door who I am looking after for 3 weeks. 
Here they are going forth from the upstairs bathroom window this morning (fairly safe from the aggressive ginger Tom that comes to get them). When I get home from work, if they aren't in they nearly always come to the hand bell rung solidly in the garden!

Aloof Otis

Onwards and upward with my Pilates class (knackering)

Our front terrace I missed the opportunity to clip the ivy hedge and now the birds are nesting in there. Will have to wait until Autumn.

Haven back garden, lush with Spring growth.

We all wish our fellow bloggers a happy day.


  1. Lovely update! You sure have been busy! A sweet spring will keep you busy, too!


  2. Nice to see all the lovely photos. My mom is all SQUEE! at the sight of your bellehs, boys!

  3. So nice to hear from you! The garden is looking great.

  4. I love the first photo of Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy!!! =)

  5. Oh we enjoyed siting a posting here, Helen. Lovely to catch up with see your lovely Spring shots and, of course,to see the lads in their favorite poses.

    Hugs and purry blisses,

  6. Hi there, dear friends. Such lovely photos, as always. It's so nice to see you again! We are glad that things are going well with you -- it certainly sounds like you've been staying busy. :)


    All of us at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  7. The boys are looking as gorgeous as ever as is your wonderful garden.Happy Mayday to you all.

  8. Selling loved family property, well hopefully the loving vibes will enfold the new family that dwells there. Our cats wriggle on just one rug and leave clots of fur each time. Makes me vacuum more than I'd like in shedding season. Thanks for sharing scenes of beautiful gardens and cats! Happy Spring Indeed!

  9. Beautiful gardens and terrace....I am twiterpated :)
    Tummy rubs to Mr Bingley and Mr Darcey!


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