Wednesday 16 February 2022

when time plays tricks

 How is it that the days turn into weeks and the weeks suddenly into years without me taking stock here on this blog?! There was a time when I wrote on it nearly every day. What is it with life, the way it turns you away from some things and leads you down other paths ...

So, if any of my old blogging friends are still around and interested, HELLO... and apologies for my absence. We send you all our best wishes, trusting that you are well


Herewith a little update, which is exactly that - 'little'  because actually so much has happened which will go unsaid, but the main thing is that all is well

I am now staying over in Bath for a portion of each week to spend time with my parents. Dad has entered his 100th year (!) and Mum is not all that far behind. Shared time is the order of the day.

Bell ringing has finally resumed after a national lock down. I am surprised and delighted to discover that I can still remember how to ring (just)

I have had time to learn a new and creative skill. I made a teapot (which really pours)

The Royal Henley Regatta returned to the waters after a one-year hiatus AND women were finally allowed to WEAR TROUSERS so I did!



Mr Bingley, Mr Darcy and Fred all spoilt rotten so no change there!

'Constance Spry'

The garden continues to deliver no matter what else happens in the world, the pandemic just passes it by. A blessing.

Spot the bee crash landing in a joyous 'whoop, whoop' way!

BEE HAPPY whenever and however you can.

Love from us all


  1. We are always delighted to catch glimpses of you and the lads! Glad things are getting a little more normal in your world. Your garden looks lovely. What a gorgeous teapot! Happy Day! xo

  2. It's wonderful to read you again! All your catch up photos are beautiful, and our mom loves your teapot. Greetings to the boys (Fred and the bee included) and your parents--it's so nice that you have time with them. Come back soon!

  3. How nice to hear from you, dear friends, and to know that although time has passed, and so much has happened, that you are doing well. Thank you for catching us on your lives. Hugs to you, scritches and pats to Bingley, Darcy and Fred, and blessings to you all. Enjoy that time together with your parents. XO

  4. So nice to hear from you…and glad all is well! Your flowers are beautiful.

  5. We're so glad that everyone is well and you have not forgotten us! Thanks for all the lovely photos!

    Purrs, woofs and neighs,
    Everyone at The Poupounette

  6. I am late here but I am very hapy I found you again. I LOVE seeing all three spoiled members of the family! nd that you are each and all, alright. Please come back and wrote again.

  7. Don't know what prompted me to click to your blog except you always have lovely gardens and my garden is gone for the winter and it's cold. Looks like you've been up to lots of covid/post-covid activities and made some discoveries. And looking after elderly parents... Do post more often and I'll check more often! Happy Christmas and New Year.

  8. Miss hearing from you and seeing your lovely gardens. Hope you update us in 2023. Meanwhile, Happy Christmas!

  9. Glad I checked in as well. Lovely to see your cat family again. And we're into 2023!


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