Monday, 15 March 2010

a hole in the sky

Benny Hill once said "Just because nobody complains doesn't mean all parachutes are perfect.” I admit this crossed my mind on Saturday as I squeezed myself into my jump-suit.

.. and signed my life away in 3rd-party (only) insurance

...things eased and made that bit more stimulating by the rather handsome RAF guy instructing me
(a girl has to do it)

if all else fails... smile.. wave..

... and CARRY ON!

a beautiful blue day for take-off

.. the dive burnt me through, it was the most exciting, breath-taking moment. Suffused with mindless ecstasy of free fall, I FELL, soared ..
.. and I delighted ..
celebrating 'touch down' below with Deafax colleagues, Rubbena and Heather
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  1. Wow!
    That is so amazing - SO AMAZING !!!!!
    We are so proud of you and loved seeing these photos of your happy smiling face :-)
    Congratulations - you are a SUPER HEROINE!
    D, B, M and M

  2. Oh, you are a real inspiration! Huge congratulations. You must be so proud of yourself. How brave of you to throw yourself out of a perfectly functioning aircraft! Katie x

  3. We are in awe! You look like an astronaut! What a great experience.

  4. Well done! You are a Brave woman, I could not have done that!

  5. Hi - just stumbled across your blog and saw this post - wow!! - congratulations - brave woman, well done - xx

  6. Woo hoo, well done you! And you look fab in your jumpsuit, too.

  7. fantastic Helen!!!
    well done... and i agree with diana... you look great all kitted out.
    warmest wishes
    ginny x


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