Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursday in the garden - pushing boundaries

Mrs H was working in Beaconsfield today. Once we noted that she hadn't yet gone (she is always late when she leaves to go there), we set about our plaintive meows, coupled with fixating on the patio door (and Bing clawed at it). Eventually, despite her fancy heels and tights she caved in and let us out to survey our 'estate'. Kitty bliss!

Checking out the spot beneath the birdie table FIRST...

air scenting ...(ginger kitty Miss has been visiting)

then heading straight for the Ceanothus...

can't beat grubby pond water...(?!)

and a little chew of grasses...

interrupted by Mrs H, insisting I check out her new greenhouse (bit small and it's not got one single thing to scratch, but she says it was the best she could do given the spot..

personally it was BORING, what was I encouraged in there to SEE? No bugs or flies, not even an ant!
VERDICT: V Poor/Could Do Better)

Just when Mrs was preparing to round us up (yes, she puts us through this sort of thing), Darcy did what he does best. JUMP FOR IT!

... Up and over the wall he went.. birdie stalking ...

Mrs H freaked out (she always over-reacts in these circumstances). She gradually teased him back and my help with this was appreciated
(Mrs H was all hot and bother - this often occurs in humans).
Once inside, she then left us, shouting to MR H that she was late.

I stared out at the window as she backed out her car, paw held high, willing her to know that...
"No one can get inner peace by pouncing on it".Harry Emerson Fosdick


  1. What a great post!
    All so true! Two kitties here like to 'break the boundaries' when they know there's a deadline.....
    Macy now insisting on a lap cuddle, squeezing in and pushing the lap top away!
    I want a greenhouse! And I want to hear more about yours!
    love to all, see you .... tomorrow!!!!!

  2. Be careful furriends, this could lead to Mrs H not letting you out for a quick survey anymore when she's pressed for time. Mom once had to cancel a dentist appointment because Siena "disappeared" and she was too worried.
    We're sending mom on a stroll to the post office and then she'll get back to you with details an more pictures. Exciting!

  3. You both have a wonderful garden "estate," but Darcy, really, you shouldn't give your human a scare like that--especially when she has to go to work! I'd have been freaking out too. It's something we human "mums" are good at.

  4. Love the pictures and post, great quote!...You guys have an awesome life, living indoors and getting outdoor adventure as well!...Have a fun day!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Oh you have such a fun garden to spend time in - we can see why you wanted to get out and explore it. And pushing boundaries, well, that is just what cats do sometimes!

  6. Beautiful picture and story post! High adventure too with a great ending! :)
    ~Lisa Co9T

  7. Well, when the garden has flowers actually blooming, I do not blame you a bit for wanting to be out in it! Rumour has it that we are going back to -15 overnight!

  8. Looks like you both had a good time in your garden!! And Darcy! How fun that you got to jump over that wall! But it's a good thing you came back!

  9. You have a lovely yard to walk in.
    (I don't let my Purr Gang out anymore. Ashton disappeared for three days and when he came back .. that was it for going outside)

  10. You have such a wonderful garden...Darcy why would you ever want to leave it? Be careful!!

    Greenhouses are great playhouses as long as you don't get locked inside (that's what Jonesie says).

  11. Your greenhouse is great, and I am glad you got to enjoy your freedom, even for a little while.

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