Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thursday in the Garden ~ Footy World Cup? Who needs it!

World Cup: can't beat them..?. then join them! 
Actually, apple footy is something of MY speciality...
I recommend you stock pile ...
... and only then make your selection
take great care over this - texture first...
then weight ...
 and firmness ...
Bring it on
SCORE! (more than can be said for some!)
Darcy deploying other skills
Hate football! what IS the point?!

Monster tomato up date:
  • Further to some comment in our last garden post, we are unable to confirm which tomatoes Mrs H is wrestling growing (they were a label-less gift, and perhaps due to the size of them some kind of joke!).
  • Yes, they are being grown inside but in the conservatory (because the greenhouse just isn't big enough!).
  • Currently they stand at 12 feet and are still growing (despite Mrs H attempting a lop). It's a wilderness in here!


  1. perhaps next post will be a game of tomato football?

  2. We are in awe of your monster tomatoes. Ours are barely hanging on. Maybe we should try growing them inside next year instead of outside.

  3. Oh, the World Cup has nothing on your game, Bing! Look at your skill, your form! Amazing!

    As for those tomatoes...Our human is going to Google now, since she never knew tomatoes could get that huge. Tomatoes on steroids. LOL. How big does the fruit get, or do you know yet?

  4. P.S. Aha! Determinate versus indeterminate tomato plants! Well, you learn something new every day!

  5. Kea (above) thank you so much for resolving my monster tomato issue, the link you sent explains all! I'll know another time and have sent it on to all sorts of family who fear their tomatoe plants will be like mine. Helen (Mrs H)

  6. Apple footy looks like much more fun than the World Cup to us! (Our humans insist on watching the World Cup but most of us think it is very boring - we agree with your remark about scoring!) And it looks like you have cherry tomatoes there? Some varieties of those taste better than the big ones, in our human's opinion.

    Purrs from Franklin and the Mishkat cats

  7. No World Cup on at our house...apply footy sounds great! I think we should start a tournament!

    For the next 3 weeks we have to suffer my mom being obsessed with the Tour de France. Sigh.

  8. What a great game of apple footy!

    Our mum gave up trying to get our tomato plants to stand up.

  9. Wow you sure are talented. Must have taken a long nap after that ...

    And, bubble baths are a talent too ...

  10. Bing, we enjoyed watching your apple footy game; we are very impressed with your skills on the field...We think your huge tomato plants are impressive as well!...Maybe you can figure out a game to play with tomatoes?...kisses and hugs beautiful boys...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. We will take watching the two of you play over the World Cup any day - much more fun, and a lot cuter!

    And wow, that is crazy that the tomato is so tall - and pretty cool too!

  12. I love Apple Footy and the illustration of how to play it is just perfection!

    I thought mommy's tomato was lush...yours is a monster for certain! We like it.

  13. We'd much rather watch you play apple footy than that World Cup are really good at it!!

    And I love tomatoes!! Yours are awesome!!


  14. What a gorgeous kitty! I would probably spend all day playing outside with it :))

  15. You should play for England! No, you should play for a good team. Netherlands or Spain!

  16. Apple footy sounds great fun!

    Are the monster tomatoes ALIENS?

  17. What a lovely garden you have to play in. We loved your footy post.

  18. What a sweet post of you in the grass!

    That tomatoe sounds like a monster for sure! Ours are barely a foot high.

  19. Apple footy, we love it! You should start a tourney!


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