Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hampton Flower Show Gardens shine

It is addictive.... visiting Hampton Court Flower Show - so truly named as 'the peoples' show!
Hampton Court Palace gardens, even before you reach the show itself are full of stunning colour-packed borders
Mr H and I got up extra early and made it with an hour to spare (unlike last year), so time for a drink in the Palace Garden Cafe
... guarding dear fresh muffin from 'Blackie'
.. and then onto the gardens...
... Gonna try to make one of these with one of my vintage plates  
... We want one of these canopies to sit under!
... it was scorching so we dangled tootsies in the lake - great feeling!


  1. Ohhh...How absolutely *glorious*! I can't even pick a favourite--that floating pink spigot is terrific, as are the log chairs and table, the plate art, Snow White...all of it. You surely must have had a wonderful day!

  2. A really beautiful garden with such a whimsical feel; it looks like you guys had a wonderful day exploring this fun, special place...Happy week Helen.


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