Thursday, 1 July 2010

Thursday in the Garden ~ bug controllers

Mrs H's wish is my command...
... this Thursday I was summoned (naturally, as I am head of the Bug Control Unit)...
... it was time to conduct todays bug survey...
... this I undertook with my usual tenacity (I didn't mean to break off the chilli head or stick my bum in the aubergine - but industrial accidents happen)
I took extra long (at least it seems that way cos Mrs H started clucking) checking the shed which is impawtant; it has ALL SORTS of crawlies in there ...
She will thank me later...

Bingley, though supposedly a signed-up member of the Bug Control Unit, has a tendency to be distracted by the cat nip.
He claims he is snoopervising!
...eventually he stirred himself enough to check out the store cupboard
This is one of Mrs H's lettuce collection (squished a bit after Bing sat on it)
... and THESE monsters are her tomatoes (we have considered clambering up the top of them but the bugs in the blinds are already dead)
... neither of us wish to be the one to point out that her standard Rosemary is dead.
Mrs H is at work now, we heard her saying what a busy day she had ahead as she hugged us, car keys in hand.
We are proud to have been of assistance.


  1. Boris and Maisie are no where near as diligent as your two.... the house is crawling with spiders & flies, so I am in charge of pest control!!!!

  2. Your garden looks wonderful and those tomato trees are huge!!! MOL

    Bug hunting is a fun past time!

  3. You two are so helpful. What would she do without you ... by the way, I love hearing about your adventures in yard, bug, whatever ... land.

  4. Your garden is wonderful, and you did a wonderful job as bug controllers, especially Darcy!
    We are in awe of your wonderful fluffy tail! Mummy was looking at the first pic for AGES!

  5. Excellent bug control, both of you! We're quite sure your garden wouldn't do nearly so well without your efforts!

    Er, but our human wants to know what kind of tomato plants those are, doing so well indoors...and massive. None of us has ever seen tomato plants quite like that!!!

  6. Good job! Those buggies didn't stand a chance.

  7. You two are really good to help your human like that (never mind the squooshed plants - that's the price you pay for good help!) And those tomato plants are amazing! It looks like they are growing inside the house - can that be true?

    P.S. We are sorry about your mom's standard rosemary - we know it takes a long time to grow those.

  8. As long as you don't stick your bum in the chillies. That could be painful!

  9. Bug control is really imPAWtent work, and we can see that you are very good at it. Mrs, H sure is lucky to have you guys around!

  10. We larfed and larfed at the "industrial accidents"!!! Yoo two are brilliant at bug patrolling ~ just brilliant.

  11. We hope you got to deaded some bugs while you patrolled!!!

  12. Queen Bambi says, good job! Bugs are her favorite creatures. She's an entomologist, you know.

  13. haha! Industrial accidents! We have those all the time but we don't typically admit to them! Bug inspection, inventory and control is VERY important work. Your mom is lucky to have you taking care of business!

  14. My mom said I don't patrol very well but I do bring buggies and pieces of buggies to her sometimes. She says thank you and kisses me but her face doesn't seem very thankyouie to me. She looks like I do when I see the crate to go to the V-E-T in. Horrified.

  15. Back when my daughter refused to eat the lettuce I grew because bugs had been walking on it (the lettuce from the store has not, you see...), I wonder what she would have said about eating lettuce that had been sat on?


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