Sunday, 19 December 2010

let it snow ...

"Announced by all the trumpets of the sky
arrives the snow"
 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

... always wear white camouflage when out so the birdies won't know you are there..
Whatever it takes.. blend!
... look closely and see Bingley crouched on the wall....

... it is all a little bit thick and cold ...


... views from Haven terrace

"Beautiful feathery flakes of snow
Over the woodland and field they go
Making a blanket so warm and deep
Over the flowers that lie asleep"
~ Mary Louise Allen


  1. Oh hello!
    Beautiful photos - certainly the snowy landscape looks lovely even if it means we can't get about as easily as usual !
    The two boys are clearly enjoying the experience! Our two girls have a little wander a couple of times each day, but really, the warm home is much more interesting to them than the snow!
    Stay cosy!
    D x

  2. Bingley is making good use of his big snowshoe paws and thick coat. We bet he had quite a wash when he went in!

  3. It looks so lovely, so picturesque. But we've heard about the chaos the snow and cold is having in certain parts of Europe. So we hope you don't have to fly anywhere for Christmas, and if you are on the roads driving to your destination, please do take care and stay safe. We don't even know if snow tires are available in your locale!

  4. Wow, lucky that Bingley is dressed appropriately for the weather in his lustruous fur coat!

  5. The one who came before me was an indoor outdoor girl. She disliked the snow especially when it was deep. Her human brothers had to dig a trench to her outside bathroom place so she could use her bathroom. She refused the litter box always. Now I, the Admiral am not allowed outside at all for any reason. I could probably handle it except my legs are a little bit short and I am floofy. Robin was only 5 pounds of beautiful Tortie girl and both of us were, or would be, at a disadvantage.

  6. Look at you boys! You are amazingly handsome in the snow. Hope you got to drink warm nip tea by the fire when you came back inside.

  7. We sort of hope you'll miss your target but man you look beautiful in the snow!

  8. Oh my how purr-fect these kitties are tiptoeing in the snow! They are gorgeous with their fluffy fur as white as snow!

  9. Wow! You guys are very brave going out into that cold white stuff!!

  10. You boys blend nicely in the winter wonderland.

  11. Lovely to catch glimpses of those two out and about..... they don't seem to mind the white stuff...

    Your terrace looks pretty in white!

  12. Well, Bingley you are far more adventurous outside in all the white stuff than my two feline friends - one look out of the window and the decision is made - another day indoors:)

  13. WOW! Beautiful snow pics today ~ and we love the poem.

    We had 10 inches of snow in Sidmouth last night!!! It's unheard of!


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