Tuesday, 21 December 2010

tinsel town

We love it when we have a tree in the house which is covered in dangling things!

Miss Fairy - handed down and possibly 100 years old

Drummer - a gift from friends from Michigan State, USA

painted Sand Dollar

... and now for MY personal favourite decoration, guess which one...

... what do you mean STOP pulling it off? I'm actually hanging it back on!


  1. Mommy is smiling because while the tree is in the room now..she hasn't put anything on it, but today is the say and *I* get to help!

    We both love your ornaments. xox

  2. Your tree looks gorgeous and it's clearly keeping those furry boys entertained whilst snowed in!
    We've got a Christmas fairy just like that in my family - I spent many hours gazing at her at the top of the tree as a child. Lovely.
    Have a fun few days leading up to the big event!
    D x

  3. Um, I don't think your mom is gonna fall for it...our mom said no cat in history has ever put an ornament ON the tree.

    It does look very whappable!

  4. LOL! We think your tree ornaments are lovely, and that fairy is very special indeed!

    Just try not to whap too many of the tree decorations, though. Santa's still watching! Just a few more days to go!

  5. Oh yoor tree is AWESOME! And we LOVE those decorations.

  6. Oooo, what a lovely tree you have to play with...erm, I mean look at! Gorgeous decorations. Our two naughty balls of fluff have so far only nabbed the father Christmas off our tree and given it a good kick around the house! A very merry Christmas to you both and Mrs H. I hope Father Christmouse brings you lots of treats! Katie x

  7. Brilliant! Sadly my 2 pusscats have no tree to attack as we have been unable to get out to buy one! Have a fantastic Christmas. Lizzie xxx

  8. The green stuffed felt kitty ornament! What a brilliant toy, we mean decorative item.
    Mommy LOVED the Night Before Christmas miniature!

  9. That's fantastic decoration ! and Bingley, Don't feel guilty to play, I bet all of ornament is yours !

  10. How cute! Love all that glitter.

  11. Lovely tree! Nice you have some whappables need the bottom!

  12. Bingley, we know you are just helping! Right?!

    Happy Christmas, friends! :)

  13. We popped back to say: Greetings at Christmas to yoo ALL ~ may you have friends at your fire, blessings in your home, and joy in your heart. Merry Christmas dear friends.


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