Friday, 10 December 2010

So 'Nice'

What with Britain turning into the Antarctic, we wondered if we would even get off the ground to fly to Nice. Heathrow car park was thick white and there were queues of people attempting re-book after their flights were cancelled.
But we did fly off and only 40 minutes delay.
Nice bay
... long fresh walks by the sea

Antique hunting (my suitcase just not big enough)

Christmas Fair - mulled wine, roast chestnuts...

...Sign of the times, Father Christmas in a hurry..
(so fast that how the little children are meant to catch him I just don't know.. AND where are all the gifts?! I think he had over-slept)

time out to stand sit and stare
... and a spot of romance (OK, so we ate it)

... perhaps we should have stayed in 'Hotel Darcy' 

... these were all the rage but I prefer the real thing...
And then there was Villa Ephrussi in Cap Ferrat.
Not to be missed with its 9 different gardens. A master piece.

... who needs supermarket orange juice here? 

... dinner for two in the restaurant... 
...actually no, we had chocolate cake there and then walked to Ville France for pizza.
And then on to Greek Villa Kerylos which was a marvel.

... delays homeward bound at Nice airport meant we watched the fish in the tank there a lot...
But once home we reminisced over a wonderful few days away.

The senior Havens organised a wonderful creche for the feline boys...
"...bovvered you went away...? do we look bovvered...!"


  1. What a *wonderful* trip! Thank you for sharing the photos.

    Yes, we see how much the boys were "bothered" by your absence....Heh.

  2. How glorious!!!!! Beautiful photos, of the boys too!

  3. Oh, what lovely pictures of your time in Nice! It looks and sounds as though you had a wonderful time.

    It also looks as if the boys enjoyed their time with the Senior Havens. :)

  4. Hi Helen. It looks as if you had a magical time away! Sadly I had NOTHING to eat at Barrington as the restaurant was fully booked so had to make do with cuppa soup (I hadn't bothered to take any food as I thought there would be something to eat there...) Won't make that mistake again will i!! xxx

  5. The getaway sounds wonderful. Some days like these are good as gold. Oh, and the boys are too cute!

  6. So glad for the pics..... sounds like you had a great trip.

    Had to chuckle at how 'happy' the boys were to see you............

  7. How magical to get away for a few days! It appears the cats pined away to nothing in your absence...
    MomKat Trish

  8. What a glorious time you have had and the pictures are beautiful. Truly beautiful. I loved them all. The boys certainly didn't look bovvered at all, and that picture of them was adorable, all snuggled together.

    Seeing the dinner for two in the restaurant brought a big smile to my face..oh, that looks SO inviting.

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful relaxing time. And no, our suitcases are never big enough to bring home what we wish, are they?

  9. Great Pix, speshully da oranges!
    Spyder, Bambi and Ninja

  10. Lovely! We're so jealous! But it was nice of you to share the pics.

  11. Truly you have the PURRR-FECT trip to France looking at all your photos!Reminds me of our trip to France 2 years ago. The view the food the people the food the wine..ahhhh!
    Your felines look as concerned as do mine with the suitcases out and packed. We have been on the move and will continue soon on route back to Arizona but this time the cats come too!

  12. Thanks for sharing these photos and letting my mom escape, if only for a few minutes. What a beautiful place!

    purrrs, Cory

  13. Looks as if you had a super time away. Great photos. Ah, bless Bingley and Darcy - they look well looked after in your absence:)

  14. What a super trip. I'd love to look around that antiqe shop ~ I'm a sucker for those places. :sigh:


  15. Hello Dear
    Oh the trip looks and sounds wonderful. Such a welcoming and enticing area to visit. And your mention of Ville France made my heart jump as that was where we stayed - there are some lovely restaurants there. Aaaah .... thank you for that breeze of provencal life !
    D x

  16. Hi Darcy and Bingley! Just stopping by to say hello. :)


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