Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ nesting

::3 paw taps::
 the perils of too much birdie watching

not hatching eggs

PS. just wanted to say that I am having problems leaving comments for some of you, I keep being asked to sign in to blogger but before I can leave my comment I am taken back round to log in again. I am visiting your posts but frustrated not to be able to show you I am. Any ideas to solve this welcomed.
Love Mrs H


  1. MOL..I go for POACHED ..heh..heh

    about your blog's trouble, try
    [1] Clear Cache, Cookies, And Sessions (Web)
    [2] Login Properly After Clearing Cache, Cookies, And Sessions (Web)

    If still not working , see how to fix
    or report to your blogger in help forum : post a question

    or change to use Chrome ( a lot of our friend told me it's work )

  2. He's purrfectly ensconced

  3. Mommy was having the same problem. She had to delete all our browsing history and cookies to fix it.

    Darcy looks terrific ensconced in his nest.

  4. Ha! We love the nesting photo!

    A lot of people are having difficulty with Blogger right now. Someone said switching to Google Chrome made a difference for them. We already use it, so we can`t say it would work.

  5. What a great picture...Darcy looks so content :-) We had that same problem but it seemed to sort itself.

  6. This is toooo cute for words. Darcy, Darcy...

  7. Haha!! Darcy, what are you doing in there??!?

    We were having the same problem when we used Internet Explorer on our home computer. Our mom started using Google Chrome and now we aren't having that problem. Funny thing, though, when our mom uses Internet Explorer on her computer at work, she doesn't have the problem. Very strange!!

  8. IE was messing me up...I loaded Chrome and no problems now!

  9. Love that pic of Darcy in the bush.
    i had similar problem with Blogger. Eric and Flynn's mom advised me to to uncheck the box 'stay signed in' in the log in page to fix it. You may have to log out completely first.

    It did fix the problem. It also means you have to sign in everyday though.

  10. What ya hatching?

    We use Firefox and have no troubles.

  11. Haha. Good one, Darcy!

    On the advice of some friends, we switched commenting on our blog from "embedded" to a separate window/box. So far, two people who were having trouble commenting are now able to comment. :)


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